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Finding the fun in managing property

By February 26, 2021June 8th, 2023No Comments

When it comes to switching a career or moving into a new field, there are always aspects that may discourage you from entering. If you have recently switched or are looking to switch into rental property or vacation property in the short term rental market, then you already have the passion for property management. Passion is the first step when making a major career shift like this, but just like every other career path, you always need to find the fun. What does this mean, and how can you find the fun? Fun itself can mean different things for every person, but in this sense, fun will be defined as enjoyable or something that gives you joy.  Fun, in essence, is what makes you smile, and makes you happy. If you are in the rental market and feel you are overwhelmed or are otherwise feeling stressed out, you have lost the fun or spark you initially had when getting into property management.

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How to enjoy managing properties

So how can you get that spark back? With every industry, there will always be little things that no matter how intricate make up your job. For chefs, being able to properly dice, julienne, or slice a vegetable are three different things that are incredibly unique to the position, and if done correctly make the chef and the person eating the dish smile. The work was put in, and it was done properly. These small things are also part of the short term rental industry. In order to find the fun, you must look back at all the small things you have mastered: getting bookings, managing your property, etc. Appreciate all the work that has gone into your business, and take note of those things.

Set goals for yourself

If you’re new to the short term rental industry, looking to master aspects of your process are great ways of setting goals for yourself. Once you hit these goals, you’ll be left feeling accomplished and happy that you were able to do these things. Setting goals for yourself, and striving to hit them, will encourage you to stay involved with your business and will also leave you feeling more confident and rewarded as you know what you are now capable of.

The fun, passion, enjoyment may fade here and there, but if you can look back at all that you’ve accomplished and go back to where you started — that one thing that drove you into this field — you’ll find yourself and the fun along the way. If you’re starting to feel frustrated, try to think back on those times where you were frustrated in the past, and what you did to overcome it. Once you find the fun again, your business will flourish, as this passion and enthusiasm will translate into quality in your property.

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