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How tech can help with health and safety

By November 12, 2020June 15th, 2023No Comments

With COVID cases continually on the rise, the health and safety of your guests is now more important than ever. The overarching problem of health and safety can actually affect many other aspects of your rental’s wellbeing; most notably profitability.  Making sure your rental is well prepared for any health and safety task will ensure that your rental will prosper when others won’t.

How tech can help with health and safety

Implementing Smart Technology

One thing that you as a property manager and property owner may not have thought about is leveraging technology and automation to help with the overall health and safety. With newer technology, a PMS can help you schedule service cleanings after each of your guests. This may seem like an added cost (which it is), but if you have a reduction in guests because of the cleanliness of your home you’re losing money.  With the addition of a cleaning service, you can assure your guests that the property is clean and sanitized. Scheduling these service cleanings can prove to be overwhelming, so finding a PMS that offers the automation of this task, it’s even better for you.

Another thing, even if you as a host are comfortable with the cleanliness of your property, you will most likely have a guest that isn’t.  Right there, you’ve just lost yourself potential income and a potential guest.  Implementing the service cleanings will also ensure that you as a host haven’t missed an important touch point that has the possibility of spreading COVID.

Smart features help with health and safety

As well, implementing smart technology like lights, door locks, among other things can ensure that your guests will minimize the amount of exposure that potential guests will spend physically touching these areas.  This will not only reduce the probability of exposure but also give future guests peace of mind that your rental is very much touch un-oriented. This un-orientation of common touch points is becoming more common in certain areas, with the introduction of motion activated doors.

Lastly, speak with the people renting your vacation home, and see if they would feel more comfortable with smart devices being implemented.  Opening a dialogue is always a great way to create conversation and show that you as a host care about the health and well being of your guests.

Like usual, if you are curious about smart technology, home automation, a PMS solution, or if you’re confused about a term or word used, feel free to email us at We are always willing to help with anything you are concerned about.

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