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Simplifying property access for short-term rental guests, teams and vendors

Seamless check-ins, quicker property turnovers, timely maintenance. A powerful partnership, designed to streamline operations in your hospitality business.

Igloohome and Enso Connect

Smart locks have revolutionized the hospitality industry, eliminating the “keys under the doormat” historical practice. Igloohome is at the forefront of this revolution. This reliable technology has greatly simplified the lives of thousands of property managers, saving time and increasing guest satisfaction.

Igloohome’s partnership with Enso Connect takes remote access management for hospitality professionals to the next level.

From now on, Igloohome is enabling a remarkable guest experience by incorporating innovative smart locks into Enso Connect’s Boarding Pass. It also streamlines operations for scaling short-term rental businesses, by working in Enso Connect’s device panel. This allows operators to remotely control and manage access for not only guests, but also for staff members and vendors.

Explore how Igloohome and Enso Connect team up to elevate guest experience.

Igloohome’s high-quality hardware facilitates digital guest journeys by providing secure, unique, and temporary codes for the duration of the stay. It streamlines property turnovers and maintenance visits for faster and better service and add-on revenue opportunities through flexible access availability.

We're thrilled to partner with Enso Connect to elevate their Boarding Pass solution. Through this collaboration, Enso Connect customers gain access to a wider range of lock solutions from igloohome, tailored for distinctive use cases, diverse locations, and memorable experiences through asset sharing. Our commitment to a robust and reliable access system remains steadfast, even without wifi.

Anthony ChowCEO and Co-Founder @ Igloocompany

With Igloohome’s smart locks and Enso Connect’s condition-based workflows, guests enjoy an exceptional contactless check-in experience and more flexible stays. This partnership allows operators to have a full control of their property access and adjust the automations to the unique needs of their business.

With growing guest expectations and focus on profitability in 2024, hospitality professionals must optimize operations, while maintaining personal touch. This is why Igloohome’s state-of-the-art smart locks embedded in Enso Connect’s digital guest journeys are a perfect match.

Igloo et Enso ont parfaitement rempli leur mission parce qu'on a une super intégration.
English Translation: "Igloo and Enso successfully fulfill their mission through seamless integration."

David AzoulayCEO of Simplissimo
Igloohome smart locks for short term rentals

Key Benefits of the Partnership

Igloohome and Enso Connect collaboration allows hospitality professionals to leverage technology for the unique needs of their business, at scale. Here’s the key features of the integration:

Streamlined Check-In

After making a reservation, guests receive a Boarding Pass link – a web app that is navigating them through the entire stay. Guests can check in online through the Boarding Pass and, when verified by the operator, to receive access to the property within the check-in time frame. In case it is too early for check-in, guests are prompted to purchase the early check-in upsell. Access for Igloohome’s smart lock is automatically activated at the start of the stay, or after purchasing an early check-in add-on. The operator can revoke access in case of necessity. These settings allow travelers to enter without delays or complications, while keeping the control over the property in the property manager’s hands.

Flexible Smart Lock Hardware

 Enso Connect users now have access to a wide range of smart lock hardware from Igloohome to best suit their needs. The most popular model is the Deadbolt 2S Metal Grey. The Retrofit lock can be easily installed on any euro cylinder lock without the need to replace door locks. The Keybox 3 allows operators to provide temporary access in case they do not wish to upgrade all their traditional locks to smart ones. With these solutions and more, vacation rental managers can now feel safe when securing their assets.

Remote Access Management

Short-term rental operators can manage access to their properties remotely. They can provide unique and temporary access codes to guests, offering greater flexibility and security in managing accommodations. Property managers can control access for staff members and maintenance vendors, enabling quick turnovers and repairs when needed.

Early check-in upsell

Operations Optimization

By automating the check-in, checkout and access process, vacation rental managers can save time and resources. This allows them to focus on providing excellent customer service, streamline cleaning and maintenance, and secure new revenue streams.

This collaboration is a natural fit between two tech leaders, focused on driving the hospitality industry forward. With joined forces, Igloohome and Enso Connect are empowering short-term rental operators to professionalize, grow and succeed in this fast changing and competitive sector.

Digitize Your Guest Experience with Smart Lock Connectivity

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