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Enso Connect partners with Mount to include rental amenities and upsell opportunities into short-term rental digital guest journeys. This integration will allow vacation rental operators and boutique hotels to offer rental amenities to customers through one-stop guest portal. 

Enso Connect + Mount: why we are partnering 

We both are agents of change within the hospitality industry, driving the convergence of hotels and vacation rentals. Mount allows short-term rental businesses to stand out by offering hotel-like amenities and increase revenue by renting out popular equipment. Enso Connect seamlessly builds these processes into the guest journey, streamlining operations for property managers and elevating the guest experience. 

Example: If you are offering rental e-bikes, your guests can receive a “ride-the-city” deal from you pre-arrival, instantly book and pay online. It’s a quick and easy vacation upgrade for travelers and additional $30-90 per booking for operators.  

Modern day guests want an experience, not just a place to stay  

We share the values of personalized guest experience delivered with unique hospitality offerings, facilitated through technology.

“With the rise of unique stays popping up everywhere, guests' needs are changing. They no longer just want a place to stay, they want an entire experience. To take your short-term rental listing to the next level, outfit your listing with rentable bikes, scooters, golf carts, kayaks, paddleboards, private chefs, private masseuses. Whatever you own can be turned into an rentable amenity.”

Madison RifkinFounder and CEO of Mount

“Modern travelers are tech-savvy, they are looking for frictionless, intuitive, and tailored experiences, at every step of their journey. There are endless ways to delight guests at every step of their journey: from inquiry to check-out and beyond. We remove fragmentation and bring one easy guest environment that ties all the technologies together for a complete digital experience.”

Francois GoueloCofounder and CEO of Enso Connect

How it works for property managers 

How can busy operators manage additional amenities on top of their short-term rental property? There are logistics, maintenance, insurance and financial issues that require additional attention, time and effort. 

Mount takes care of this part. All property managers need to do is list amenities on the Mount platform and their team will do the rest. Guests will be able to rent out the amenities on property, day or night, from their phones. To end their rental, guests are required to return the rented amenity back on property, ensuring that the amenities are locked up and safe when they are not in use.

Enso Connect keeps all this under one roof, facilitating frictionless communication and payments, adjusting the upsell process to the needs of every lodging business.   

How it works for short-term rental guests 

With the Boarding Pass, Enso Connect’s web-based guest app, travelers are following a seamless digital guest journey from booking to checkout. Operators send the Boarding Pass link to their guests after the booking to let the journey begin. This one-stop guest portal is where travelers can get everything they need for a joyful stay, anytime they need it. It’s a vacation experience hub in your guests’ hands, literally. Vacation rental guests can receive personalized offers, order add-ons and pay on the go, while communicating with operators in real time.   

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Offering rental amenities in vacation rentals: top concerns and solutions

Two main concerns related to offering rental amenities in short stay businesses are difficulty to implement and the additional issues/requests that can occur while offering a specific add-on. 

Here are some real life examples:     

Difficulty to implement – logistics, insurance, risks 

Many short-term rental operators don’t have the capacity to deal with the logistics and the liability issues of rental amenities. 

Difficulty to implement vacation rental upsells

While it is understandable, knowing how busy managing short-term rentals can get, Mount can simplify these processes for operators. 

Mount allows hosts to add-on amenities to their property creating a new stream of revenue with little to no extra effort on their part. Hosts have the ability to manage their amenities virtually with the Mount platform at any time, from anywhere!

Many hosts and property managers are hesitant in adding amenities, especially electric ones to their properties because of the liability aspect. This is where Mount steps in. They are able to insure general injury liability for rental amenities like electric bikes and electric scooters, which would otherwise be hard to come by and very pricey for individuals looking to rent amenities on their own.

Need to deal with more customer issues     

Need to deal with more customer issues

Short-term rental property managers are concerned, and rightfully so, that offering upsells will increase the number of guest touch points. Meaning dealing with more customer issues, when things don’t go as planned. 

While this is a legitimate point for a business with limited resources, guest touch points can become opportunities. With the right tech, processes and guest communication, property managers can overcome the challenges related to work overload and start earning more money with upsells.


The Enso Connect + Mount combo removes friction from the vacation rental upsell process, enhancing the guest experience and increasing revenue for operators. 

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