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It’s worth it to compare guest management software like Operto VS Enso Connect.

Guest experience is the backbone of every successful hospitality business. With growing guest expectations and competition, it is crucial to have robust guest management software in your tech stack.

With all the guest experience software available in today’s market, choosing the best one for your needs is tough.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of Operto vs Enso Connect to help you choose the best tool for your business. We have included Operto as one of the most advertised brands on the market and Enso Connect as an alternative, more configurable solution.

If you are looking for a reliable platform to manage guest experience, you’ve probably heard of both Enso Connect and Operto. We’ve created this review to assist you in making an informed decision for your vacation rental business or hotel. Additionally, we will explore other available alternatives.

In this sneak peak, based on our assessment, Enso Connect excels over Operto in configurability, communication capabilities, monetization, and more features. We’ll present you with all of the information to support this conclusion.

Selecting a Guest Experience Platform

Terry Whyte, the Vacation Rental Software Guy, named guest experience tech to be the next rapidly growing sector after PMS.

“Guest experience tech – the next hot thing in the industry.

Property Management Systems (PMS) play a vital role in the hospitality industry’s technology landscape. When integrated with guest experience tools, it creates a robust platform. The winners will be those who can leverage the full functionality of a unified platform. However, the guest experience tech sector is also highly competitive and rapidly growing. There will be fierce competition, and innovative solutions and sophisticated technology will emerge.”

The abundance of hospitality technology companies providing guest experience solutions can complicate your search for the right one.

While everyone offers an all-in-one solution, intelligent automations, and seamless integrations, it’s up to the operators to determine what is best for them. They must comprehend what each vendor is offering and how it can benefit their unique business.

What makes a great guest experience platform?

Guest experience platforms provide a cohesive solution to streamline the guest journey, improve communication and monetize interactions with guests. This software enables operators to curate unforgettable digital stays. The features vary between different tech providers.

The top features are: contactless access, round-the-clock unified messaging, personalized experiences, monetization options, safety and screening tools, payments and more.

A great guest experience platform combines user-friendly design, personalization, communication, integration, and feedback mechanisms to create seamless guest journeys.

User Experience

When choosing a guest experience platform, make sure it offers seamless and intuitive usability. You and your team members need to be able to easily navigate and interact with the platform.


It is essential that the platform caters to individual needs of your hospitality business. This means not only creating tailored experience for guests, but also adjust to the requirements of individual businesses.

The hospitality sector, particularly the short-term rental industry, encompasses various unique business models. Therefore, selecting the appropriate software requires careful consideration of business alignment.

Communication Capabilities

Great guest experience platforms prioritize effective communication across various channels. Key features include managing all messages in one inbox, leveraging guest data and AI for personalization, and smart automated workflows.


Both short-term rental space and boutique hotels are looking to monetize their guest experience. To achieve this, crucial features include custom upsells, affiliate links, diverse payment methods, and more. These elements play a significant role in maximizing profitability and tapping into new sources of revenue.


High quality integrations with other systems and services enhance convenience and optimize operations. There are numerous solutions for different aspects of guest journey, such as verification, data collection, check-in, messaging, reviews and more.

It is important for a guest management system to seamlessly integrate with these apps, consolidating your tech stack.


A strong support system inspires trust in the vendor and their product. The presence of a responsive feedback mechanism empowers users to share their input, facilitating continuous improvement.

Onboarding & Set Up

A proper onboarding mechanism allows users to quickly adapt to the new software and maximize its benefits. It provides users with necessary skills for long-term success.

The less time onboarding takes, the quicker you can start using the platform for your benefit. However there has to be a balance between the speed and quality of the onboarding process of a new software.

Despite the saturation of the guest experience technology market, some names will quickly emerge in your search. Operto vs Enso Connect are among those names and for good reason.

Operto vs Enso Connect – Comparison Overview

At a glance, here’s how Enso Connect compares to Operto. The main differences lie in configurability, messaging capabilities, monetization opportunities and set up speed.

Enso Connect
Tech background & origins
Smart Locks
AI Messaging
Pricing is not available online
Transparent pricing is available on the website
User Experience
Drag and drop set up
Mobile app
White label integrations
If this than that logic
Unified Inbox
AI Messaging
Affiliate links
White labeled integrations
Access to a support team
A dedicated support team
Quick and streamlined, from 3 to 14 days

What is Operto?

According to the website, Operto is the all-in-one hospitality platform for vacation rentals, hotels and multifamily properties.

The company was founded by Michael Driedger, who is no longer with the company. The new Operto CEO Steve Davis, who comes from Google and Apple background.

Initially, Operto specialized in smart lock technology before branching out into the broader hospitality guest experience market.

Operto Product & Solutions

The product is divided into four solutions: Operto Tech, Operto Connect, Operto Guest, and Operto Teams (formerly known as VR Scheduler).

Access, Noise and Energy – Operto Tech

It is the original product of Operto. It enables the automation of access and helps in reducing property damage and operational costs by using smart devices.

The Hospitality Operating Platform – Operto Connect

A platform that enables the integration of various Operto solutions. It is provided with every Operto product.

Digital Check-in, Guides, Messaging – Operto Guest

This is a mobile web application that provides digital guidebooks, enabling guests to easily and quickly learn about vacation rental properties.

Automate Cleaning Schedules – Operto Teams

Here is the product description on Capterra.

Top Rated Operations and Housekeeping Management for 10-100+ vacation rental, short term and long term properties. Operto Teams (formerly VRScheduler) is a software platform for scheduling and tracking cleaners, inspectors and maintenance staff. Operto Teams works with your booking software to improve workflow. Save time, optimize labor and minimize costly mistakes.

Operto acquired VRScheduler in 2021. The technology automates back-of-house scheduling workflows for housekeeping and maintenance.

Operto VS Enso Connect Feature Comparison

Both companies offer a variety of solutions to help short-term rental businesses automate their operations and enhance guest experience. In this comparison, we will take a closer look at the features of each of the products to help you understand the difference.



Enso Connect

Guest app


Check-In & Access



CMS & Guidebooks



SMS Messaging



OTA Integrations



PMS Integrations



Noise Control



Sustainable Options



AI Unified Inbox


In-App Payments & Upsells


White-label Verification


In-App Security Deposits




GPT-4 Integration


Group-level Listings Customization


In-platform Smart Locks Pairing


Both companies have comparable features such as contactless check-in and access control, guidebooks, and guest portal. However, when evaluating all features, there are several areas where Operto falls short.

Enso Connect Flexibility Over Operto

The main Enso Connect advantage is flexibility and full customization of all features. No other platform offers such detailed granular control. It allows for the fine-tuning of processes to match the unique requirements of each individual hospitality business.

Enso connect’s operating system functions on “If this, then that” principle making it the ultimate dynamic guest experience platform.

Top-notch guest communication

Enso Connect’s Unified Inbox allows managing Email, SMS, WhatsApp messages and Airbnb correspondence in one place under your control.

With Unified Inbox, AI-powered messaging, and the latest integration with ChatGPT, Enso Connect takes hospitality communication to the next level.

The platform’s integration with GPT-4 brings the artificial intelligence latest innovation to the short-term rental sector. With advanced AI capabilities, Enso Connect users communicate more effectively, elevate guest experience, and expand brand awareness across various languages.

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Additional revenue streams

For operators aiming to increase revenue and diversify their income streams, in-app payments and Upsells  are essential features.

Enso-connected property managers can automate, fully customize and personalize upsells. They can manage currency and price settings, approve add-ons manually or automatically, create condition-based automated workflows, connect multiple Stripe accounts.

They also can incorporate prompts within the Boarding Pass to encourage guests to purchase relevant upsells at optimal times.

Built-in professional guest verification

Enso Connect seamlessly integrates guest verification services into your tech ecosystem. This is made possible through strategic partnerships with industry-leading safety providers like Autohost and Superhog. Enso’s robust integrations enable offering white-label partner services, allowing users to activate and disable them with just a few clicks.

Moreover, Enso Connect offers an added advantage. When integrating these essential services into your automated workflows, you can set up conditions for the verification process. For instance, if the booking is made through Airbnb, third-party verification may not be necessary. This allows for cost savings without compromising on the security aspect.

Flexible property protection procedures

Enabling in-app security deposits allows Enso-connected operators to provide their guests with utmost convenience and protection.

Users have the flexibility to maximize revenue by providing guests with the option of non-refundable damage waivers. They can add a condition that this offer be extended only to guests deemed to be of low risk.

Repeat guests and direct bookings

Enso Connect’s Hospitality CRM allows you efficiently handle data, facilitating direct bookings, personalized conversations, guest engagement, repeat business and more. Collecting guest preferences, travel reasons and other data throughout the entire journey helps create great experience and attract return customers.

Seamless digital guest experience

Even though Operto facilitates digital portals for guests, Enso Connect’s Boarding Pass is hard to compete with.

Boarding Pass is a branded web app that has everything travelers need for a great stay in one link. This highly customizable super app allows creating a clear digital path for guests from booking to check-out and beyond. It provides guests with a personalized and convenient experience at every moment of their stay, helping build loyalty.

Operto vs Enso Connect – Pricing Comparison

One of the main factors in choosing a guest management software provider is the price. And with lack of transparency in pricing understanding packages and subscriptions offered by vendors can be a challenge.

Let’s examine how Operto presents and prices its products and services.

Operto does not publicly disclose their complete pricing. Each of its four products has its own pricing, which can accumulate and affect the total cost.

Here is a breakdown of the publicly available pricing information.

Operto Teams

Operto Connect

Operto Guest

Operto Tech

Starting at $7 USD per property per month

Not publicly disclosed

Starting at $8 USD per property per month

Not publicly disclosed

How much does Operto cost?

In order to find out the cost there is a need to connect to the Operto sales team.

How much does Enso Connect cost?

Enso Connect pricing varies depending on the total number of listings and features. The immediate pricing estimate calculator is available on the website.

Airbnb hosts and property managers with up to 5 listings are required to commit to $100 per month. Enso Connect’s focus on scaling hospitality businesses allows smaller players to experience the advantages of a larger portfolio shortly after implementing the software.

Why users switch from Operto to Enso Connect?

There are a number of Enso-connected operators who moved from Operto due to various frustrations. The following are the most prevalent reasons we have observed.

  1. Quality of the API connection with PMS

  2. Poor customer support

  3. Overpromise on features that aren’t available yet

Here are some of Capterra reviews

Operto reviews on Capterra

However, while these may be a few examples of disappointed clients, Operto continues to have strong reviews for their recent acquisition of VRScheduler.

Alternatives to Operto

The Enso Connect Difference

The leading alternative to Operto, that checkmarks all your guest experience needs is Enso Connect. It is a comprehensive platform that not only streamlines operations but also personalizes and monetizes guest interactions.

Enso Connect integrates with property management software to offer smart lock-connected contactless check-ins, white-label guest verification, upsells, AI messaging, guidebooks and more.

The Boarding Pass web app creates a digital guest journey, guiding guests through their stay with a single link.

With “If this then that” capabilities, Enso Connect is like Zapier of guest experiences for hospitality. It connects property operators’ favorite tools and simplifies business management while boosting profits.

Watch Enso Connect reviews and case studies. Discover how hospitality professionals scale without increasing the workload, drive more revenue and earn 5-star reviews.

Touch Stay

A viable alternative to Operto’s guidebooks is Touch Stay. It is a platform that allows property managers to create and share digital guest welcome books. It enables hosts to provide comprehensive information about their property, house rules, local attractions, all in a user-friendly digital format.

With Touch Stay, property managers can create visually appealing and customizable guest welcome books that can be accessed by guests on their smartphones, tablets, or computers.

By using Touch Stay, property managers can enhance the guest experience by providing a convenient and engaging way to access important information about their property and the surrounding area.

Point Central

For property managers seeking tech solutions like monitoring and controlling smart home devices, PointCentral can be a suitable choice. Being able to manage smart devices, such as smart locks, noise and heat sensors, from a single key data dashboard is invaluable.

PointCentral offers robust features for property managers, including remote monitoring and control of smart home devices, such as locks, sensors, and thermostats, through a centralized dashboard.

Unlike many lock brands that require downloading separate apps for granting access, with Enso Connect integrations, you can connect any available locks on the platform and remotely manage access without the need to download additional apps.

Learn more how Enso Connect can work for your hospitality business.

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