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Enso Connect unveiled the only Apple Wallet compatible guest experience, completing a seamless digital journey for travelers. Introducing mobile check-in with Apple Wallet.

"After receiving their mobile boarding pass, travelers can manage and use this offline if they have the airline app, the iOS Wallet or Google Pay. Airlines have been using Apple Wallet for quite a while. It's time for hospitality to catch up, making mobile check-ins just as effortless. In fact, big hospitality brands, like Marriott, Hyatt, etc, have already jumped on the digital wallet bandwagon. Our vision is to streamline the experience for boutique hotel and vacation rental guests, from booking to checkout and beyond. Our new Apple Wallet feature is another big step in this direction."

Francois Gouelo, Cofounder and CEO of Enso Connect

From now on, Enso-connected hoteliers and vacation rental managers can offer guests a fully digital check-in, right at their fingertips. The new Apple Pay feature enhances the process for hotel and short-term rental guest onboarding with the convenience and credibility of the Apple brand.

Mobile check-in with Apple Wallet

Apple products and hospitality

Apple is already powering the entire customer journey for airlines, facilitating the process from booking to boarding.

People, shopping for flights on a mobile device, can purchase tickets with Apple Pay. The boarding pass appears in their Apple Wallet after they check in. There’s no need to type in credit card details or print a pass. Payment and check-in are seamless and take just a few taps.

Why not provide travelers with the same effortless process in accommodations? It’s time for hotels and vacation rentals to learn from online retailers and take digital guest experience to the next level. Digitalizing the booking process, payments, guest onboarding, check-in and communication is the only way to succeed at scale.

In iOS 16 update Apple announced that it will allow storing digital room keys in Apple Wallet. While getting into a property, just tapping your phone on a door sounds amazing, it is available to very few hospitality operators. This doesn’t mean that are other technologies facilitating remote access.

The Apple Pay and digital wallet provides hotel guests and vacation rental visitors with seamless experience and trust. iPhone customers enjoy the convenience and availability of their check-in card in their mobile devices. They don’t need to download mobile applications, scroll through their emails or messages and search for internet connection at check-in.

Streamlined guest experience

As a replacement for pulling out a booking confirmation or scrolling through emails to find critical info before and on-arrival, the Apple Wallet feature makes digital guest experience event more smooth and friction-free.

This means that guests will no longer have to rummage around for their reservations, or even carry one on their person while traveling. The smartphone is becoming a replacement for the physical wallet, and property managers can capitalize on that to enhance the guest experience even more.

Enso Connect’s Apple Wallet feature

The new feature allows people to download their check-in Wallet card directly from their booking confirmation.

The guests will see a summary of their reservation directly in their mobile devices. It will be easily found in their Apple Wallet and available offline.

The double-sided wallet card will have the following details.

Side 1:

  • Name of the property
  • Branding elements: logo and background graphic
  • Check-in and checkout times
  • Property Address
Apple Wallet check-in card side 1

Side 2:

  • Link to the Guest Portal (the Boarding Pass)
  • Wifi credentials
Apple Wallet check-in card side 2

How it works for guests

Your guests get easier access to their vacation rental and hotel stays through their iPhone model or Apple watch.

  1. Guests can download their check-in Wallet card directly from their booking confirmation.
  2. The check-in Wallet card is double-sided. It includes your branding and key details of the stay.
  3. The other side of the card links to your guest portal [Boarding Pass] and Wifi passwords.

No more scrolling through emails at check-in. Everything in one place. At their fingertips and Offline.

How it works for hospitality operators

Rental owners and property managers, offering seamless guest journeys at their getaway locations, Airbnb and Vrbo stays, see great results. They are rewarded with higher satisfaction rates, better reviews, conversion increases and growing number of guests.

Three main benefits of the new Apple Wallet feature for hospitality professionals:

– No more last minute calls for urgent check-in help

Guests have all key information about their stay in their phone, organized together with the travel documents, boarding qr code, credit and debit cards, vaccination card, etc. They don’t message you at night trying to find the getaway house, entry codes or parking for a rental car. Everything is in the digital wallet, available offline any time they need it.

-A great guest experience

Many of today’s guests expect seamless, quick and easy contactless experience when they travel. It’s a great way to connect with your mobile-first customers and win their loyalty, 5-star reviews and repeat business.

-YOUR brand in every traveler’s Apple Wallet 

Establish your company as a modern, tech-enabled hospitality brand offering the must-haves needed to meet guests’ e-commerce preferences. Apple Pay, one-click checkouts, offline availability, etc. Maintain professional look and feel and put your brand in travelers’ digital wallets, while enhancing their digital check-in experience.

The end-to-end digital check-in process

Digital hotels or short-term rental accommodations rely on bypassing the front desk and facilitating contactless interactions. By digitizing the entire journey, from booking, through identity verification, to communication and upsells, operators streamline the guest experience. They also provide guests with a confidence guarantee,

This will allow hoteliers and property managers to meet the growing guest expectations and catch up with digital retail. Meaning outperforming OTAs, standing out from competition and increasing revenues.

A fully digital check-in process with Apple Wallet

To create a complete end-to-end digital accommodation, there is a need to “connect the dots” of available technology solutions. Enso Connect’s features and best-in-class partner integrations on all stages of the guest journey do exactly this. We build the guest experience ecosystem for modern hospitality brands.

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