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Are you attending Level Up Streamline Summit 23 in Scottsdale, AZ?

Let’s meet up!

Sep 6-8, 2023

Book an in-person demo with our team

During the meeting you will

  • Experience the power of the Enso Connect software, demonstrated by our team
  • Discuss your challenges and opportunities
  • Discover if we’re a good fit for you
  • No commitment

Demo experience with Enso Connect

“Francois gave me a true understanding of the processes in my company and what the needs really were. When he was showing me Enso's software, it felt like a checklist of our struggles and ways to solve them with the tech. It made me aware of what I needed and I immediately made the decision to onboard with Enso.
If I would've adopted this software platform sooner, I would've been able to grow quicker”

Mark Biesackfounder of Powerhouse Properties [920]

Who is attending?

Enso Connect is coming to Scottsdale, AZ and we invite you to meet our team in person, witness our latest offerings, ask any questions you may have, and network with us!

Francois Gouelo

Cofounder and CEO

Francois Gouelo is the Co-Founder and CEO of Enso Connect, a dynamic AI-driven guest experience platform for hospitality professionals.

Since the foundation in 2019, Enso Connect has scaled to 20,000 homes in 53+ countries, and processed over a million guest profiles, helping operators monetize and digitize the guest experience.

A young tech leader, Francois is recognized by the short-term rental community for innovation, entrepreneurship and contribution to the industry.

Emily Florence

Emily Florence

Sales Development Representative Lead

Emily is a driven hospitality tech expert with 5 years of experience in the OTA and hospitality industry, including roles at Expedia, Cloudbeds, and Hopper.

With a degree in Marketing from Missouri State University, Emily possesses a diverse skill set, excelling in various areas including sales, account management, finops, and onboarding. Her in-depth knowledge of the Enso Connect platform enables her to effectively address any hospitality business edge cases to find suitable solutions.

Beyond work, Emily is a mom to a baby daughter and actively volunteers at a local animal shelter.

Drew Ewing

Drew Ewing

Senior Account Executive

Drew is the go-to expert for property managers and hospitality professionals seeking a personalized tech solution to enhance guest experience, streamline operations, and drive growth.

Drew's success in expanding his short-term rental business from 7 to 200 units in Breckenridge, CO sparked his passion for vacation rentals. He has since worked with many travel tech companies, such as Red Awning, Operto and Mount. With 20 years of experience in the industry, Drew understands the needs of property managers and uses his tech expertise to help them succeed. In his free time, Drew enjoys island hopping and living the van-life in California and New Zealand.

Yoav Shimoni

Account Executive Specialist

Enso Connect at Level Up Streamline Summit 2023

At Streamline Summit 2023, we’re excited to collaborate with our partners, Autohost. You can find both our teams together at booth #38.

Do drop by to greet us and discover how Enso Connect and Autohost can elevate your hospitality business.

While you’re there, enjoy a coffee and experience a demonstration of how Enso Connect integrates effortlessly with Autohost.

About the event

Once a year, Streamline invites their family of property managers and partners to gather for a 3-day Summit. The event is famous for being a valuable combination of education, networking, and fun!

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