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Thanksgiving is around the corner and millions of Americans will be gathering with their families around turkey feasts. Even though it’s a busy time for the hospitality industry in general and short term rental operators in particular, we wish you to enjoy some fun family time this Thanksgiving! We came up with top 5 TV scenes about guest experience for busy hospitality operators to smile and learn from. 

Many entrepreneurs and busy property managers can feel too guilty to take a break and rest watching TV. What would you say about having a good laugh and even learning a thing or two from good old movies about hospitality and customer experience, together with your loved ones?  

Here is a fun watchlist that can be relevant to hospitality experts. So whether you run a boutique hotel, manage multiple short term rental properties or host people on Airbnb and Vrbo, we hope these TV references can spark inspiration for your guest experience plans or just make you smile while enjoying the Turkey Day downtime with your family. 


Knowing What Guests Want  

Seinfeld – The Tuck [guest experience TV scene]

What we can learn: In a constantly shifting industry like hospitality, it can be easy to lose track of guests’ changing needs and fall into the rhythm of providing the amenities and services that you think guests want. Hence vacation rental experts have to constantly check what exactly their guests expect and require. This not only helps meet guests’ expectations but also allows being more efficient and finding opportunities for savings and upsells. 


Creating Personal Guest Connections

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – Call Center [guest experience TV scene]

What we can learn: With the variety of solutions available for short term rental property managers to automate operations for saving time and creating efficient processes, it can be easy to lose track of real human connection. We have to remember that tech is only a tool and guest experience in hospitality is about people talking to people. Operators still need to focus on creating real connections with the guests and have a personal touch in communications. 


Quick Response  

Zootopia – Sloths at the DMV [guest experience TV scene]

What we can learn: Even though this is not exactly a hospitality example, it is very relevant in our industry. Being quick to react not only results in higher customer satisfaction, this is also about converting requests to bookings and winning sales opportunities from slower competitors. 


A Consistent End to End Guest Experience 

The Grand Budapest Hotel – Remember, I’m always with you [guest experience TV scene]

Remember, I'm always with you.

What we can learn: As the short term rental space shifts to professionalization, hotels and vacation rentals converge upon one another. Short stay guests are seeking for an authentic travel experience, while still expecting hotel-like standards in service and amenities. Property managers have to keep up and be able to meet those rising expectations. 


Another One About Personal Touch and Connections    

Plains, Trains & Automobiles – F***ing Car [guest experience TV scene]

What we can learn: There is a story behind every contact in your database and it is important to know and understand your guest’s journey, specific needs on every stage of the journey and adjust your communications before any interaction. Timing, language, the offer – all this can be adjusted to yield optimal results for both the guest and your business. 


If you haven’t watched some of these movies, Thanksgiving is a great time to catch up 🙂  

What are your favourite guest experience TV scenes?

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