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The way the pandemic has shaped the travel industry will surely make you rethink the way you take care of your rental business. Keeping your properties in order will ensure the longevity of your business. The rental industry has seen lots of up and downs in the past year, from travel restrictions cutting business to having business that’s strictly just meant for quarantining guests. Figuring out the balance of your properties will ensure your business will succeed.

Surviving post pandemic

Finding a good balance in your business, and being able to predict future scenarios are definitely two difficult things to figure out. Obviously the best way to prepare for the future is to go through past scenarios to understand where things have gone wrong. With the pandemic, I am near certain that you have modified the way you’ve gone about renting your short term rental properties. How were you able to overcome these challenges, and what can they tell you about the future of your business?

Talk with your guests about your vacation home

Understanding the past will only prepare you for the future. From this, you can try and predict what your rental will need in order to ensure the longevity of your business. Another thing to consider is what your guests are thinking about during this time, and how their preferences have changed. Understanding your guests and being already prepared will only positively affect your business. Being a property owner running a short term rental business, you are in the business of giving the best experience to your guests possible. Opening up a dialogue of what your guests want and are looking for is a great way to prepare for the future as well as benefit your current guests.

Fix the necessary aspects of your vacation home

Opening a dialogue is the perfect opportunity to figure out what is currently expected of you and your properties. Using this information can quickly and accurately outline what you need to renovate or fix in your properties. Although these expenses may be hard to justify at first, you will notice a difference in the mood of your guests once they know that your property is well equipped.

Throughout this process you’ll start to understand your guests and your business more and more. If you ever have any questions about your property or how you can better prepare for the future, feel free to email us at

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