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The Partnership

Goldnest Property Management, a pioneering technology-driven property management company in Texas and Enso Connect, a leading AI-powered guest experience platform, announced a strategic partnership. The collaboration aims to complete Goldnest’s unique technology ecosystem, streamlining the company’s operations, elevating the guest experience and strengthening their commitment to boosting profitability for property owners.

The Journey

Goldnest Property Management has undergone a transformative journey, growing from managing 30 properties in 2021 to overseeing a portfolio of 200 high-end properties across multiple markets today. This rapid expansion is fueled by Goldnest’s vision of building a tech-enabled, data-driven property management company of the future.

"At Goldnest, we recognized early on that to truly scale our operations efficiently, we needed to reimagine the entire property management process through the lens of technology," said Moti Menachem, CTO of Goldnest. "By integrating best-in-class solutions like Enso Connect into our tech stack, we've gained unprecedented control and visibility across all aspects of our business. This allows us to make data-driven decisions, optimize revenue for our clients and deliver an exceptional experience to our guests."

Moti MenachemCTO & CMO of Goldnest Property Management

What’s Unique about Goldnest Property Management?

Goldnest stands out for its vision of balancing technology and personal touch in short-term rentals and how they implement it in their business. The company has developed an in-house “connective tissue”, integrating all necessary tools for an optimal short-term rental operation and guest experience, minimizing human involvement while ensuring high-end hospitality. This approach effectively addresses the challenge of fragmented hospitality technology and balances the need for human labour with operational efficiency.

The Role of Enso Connect: Digital Guest Experience

Enso Connect’s AI-powered guest experience platform plays a pivotal role in Goldnest’s technology ecosystem, streamlining guest communications, remote access, upsells, payments, and more through “if this then that” smart automation and AI.

"We're thrilled to partner with the visionary team at Goldnest who embody the spirit of innovation in vacation rental management," said Francois Grosse, CEO of Enso Connect. "Their journey exemplifies how embracing technology can be a game-changer, enabling companies to grow rapidly while maintaining operational excellence and profitability."

Francois GoueloCofounder and CEO of Enso Connect

How They Made It: Live Chat 

As part of the partnership, Enso Connect and Goldnest Property Managementwill co-host a live webinar on May 29th at 10am EST, sharing insights on leveraging technology to build a future-proof short-term rental management company.

About Goldnest Property Management 

Goldnest is a boutique property management company transforming short-term rental experience in Texas. Founded 7 years ago, the company manages over 200 luxury properties in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio.

With over 20,000 five-star reviews, Goldnest excels in comprehensive property management using advanced Prop-Tech analytics to maximize returns. Their cutting-edge technology and meticulous attention to detail ensure exceptional owner and guest experience in the Texas market.

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About Enso Connect

Enso Connect is an AI-powered guest experience platform that empowers short-term rental professionals and hoteliers to digitize and monetize guest experience. The company’s solutions leverage AI, smart home integrations, data and “If This Then That” automations to personalize and simplify guest interactions from inquiry to check-out and beyond.

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