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So you’ve decided to rent a Short Term Rental. But, how do you get to your place of stay? When renting in your country, or another foreign country, the question always stays the same: “How can you physically access your place to stay?”.  Do you rent a bicycle and bike to your rental, or do you take a taxi and get around the city like that? Transportation, although seemingly basic, can make all the difference when trying to access a new location for the first time. It is paramount that you figure out the easiest way to access your rental (of course dependent on your willingness to experiment with a new form of transportation), so that you can get to your rental the quickest and easiest.


Using your phone is a great way to navigate a new place

When in a foreign country, renting a taxi, experimenting with the public transportation, and even asking for directions seems like the natural way to arrive at your destination. However, there are so many other ways of arriving at your rental. If you plan on experimenting with how to end the leg of your journey, feel free to download offline maps of the city you’re going to, so that you can accurately choose any method of transportation with ease. When I traveled to California with a friend of mine, I made sure to download the whole map of San Diego on my phone so that no matter what, I could figure out where I was and where I was going. This level of experimentation is not for everyone, and can certainly be a stressful experience.


If you are in a foreign country without any experience or software, we suggest that you ask the locals or other travelers on the best way to get around.  Since they are the most biased, they can direct you to what they believe as the quickest way to your destination. Thus, potentially saving you time and stress.

Ride share

Sharing rides in a new city can be fun

If you are traveling within your own country, some of this stress is removed. However, the mystery about public transportation still exists.  Depending on your comfort zone and the distance of your destination, think about renting a bicycle (if available) so that you can experience the full effect of your trip when getting to your rental. Even if you don’t end up exploring the way you’ve gotten to your destination, make sure to ask your taxi driver about some notable spots that you’re passing by.  Most taxi companies insist that their drivers learn about key landmarks so that travelers, such as yourself will be given the best experience possible.

At the end of the day, the way you get to your place of residence in your guest location is up to you. However, if you’re willing to experiment, there are many ways that can make your trip quite interesting.  If you’re curious about what modes of transportation are recommended in the country of travel, feel free to do a quick Google search about the country or even the city to get a better idea of the landscape.  If you’re still uncertain, feel free to email for any questions regarding this post or others.

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