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Renting during a pandemic, probably wasn’t something you ever thought you’d be considering, but here we are. Life during COVID and post, has and will pose many interesting and unusual situations when trying to return to normal.  For starters, cleaning protocols have changed astronomically and your rental may have even gone through a health and safety transformation. These things aside, when guests are renting your property, they also have modified their rental procedure.  So, how can you as a host, maximize your potential when leveraging Property Management Software (PMS)? Simple.

Automated cleaning with the help of a PMS

With PMS, you will be able to notice a reduction in uncertainty, in almost every aspect of your rental. Without a Property Management Software, renting during COVID can pose many problems and even health risks: such as cleaning, and making sure your guest gets in without having so many touch points. The right software for you can schedule and automate cleanings, so that you are completely certain that your rental is ready for the next guest. As well, when guests access the rental, and even use the rental, wouldn’t you prefer it to be with the least amount of contact possible? This software can ensure your guest will be able to gain access without the unsanitary hassle.

Leveraging a PMS with your property

Another major benefit of leveraging a Property Management Software is simply the ease of use. How much time do you currently spend stressing about COVID? How about time spent stressing about your Short Term Rental? Well with a PMS, you can be certain that you will spend less time worrying, and more time living in the moment.   Certain PMS’ can offer automated messaging with your guests, so there isn’t a need to guess if you gave them the Wifi password or not. As well, a good PMS can seamlessly integrate into your existing rental, leaving you with a simple and intuitive solution.

Smart auto messages from a PMS

Lastly, if you haven’t been stressing about your rental, but instead spending countless hours trying to make sure it’s perfect, then a PMS can be of help to you too! The main purpose of a PMS is to simplify your existing rentals, and make the process less stressful and time consuming. Having all of your rentals in one place, or having auto messages, or even having a smart AI concierge (like Enso Connect offers), can allow you to be more efficient when running your rental, especially when you can schedule room cleanings.

I know I covered some broad topics, but if you’re unfamiliar with what a PMS is or if your rental needs one (I think it does — but I’m a bit biased), feel free to reach out to so we can discuss and better address the issues you are currently facing.

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