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If you host your properties on some Online Travel Agency sites, you are probably well aware of their various rating systems. Listing your properties on Airbnb will undoubtedly bring the stress of trying to become a SuperHost — that is needing a 4.8 star rating among other things. Your exceptional service and dedication to your properties will always have an impact on your subsequent ratings. But how can you guarantee that you’ll always get five star ratings, every time?

Five star example

Steps to Five Star Ratings

If there was a clear cut answer that worked every time, everyone would try it, and Airbnb would have to rethink the way they choose SuperHosts. However, there was one unique trick that I heard a few weeks ago. We were hosting our regular Hospitality on Autopilot clubhouse when we opened up the conversation to those in the audience, and we asked if they did anything unique that drove success to their business. One member in particular noted that they had found great results when implementing a set of operations that led their guests to give them a five star rating.

The process itself is rather simple, easy, and according to the guest, rather effective. After you’ve completed your stay with your guest, the guest mentioned that you give the guest a five star rating, and then immediately message that guest saying that you’ve reviewed them, and would like a review back. Guests automatically get a notification to give a review to their host, but most of the time they forget to leave a review or rating. This simple nudge is an effective and simple way to get the guests’ attention, but also remind them about the review. As well, since you have let them know that they received a five star review, they will in turn be more likely to give one back.

Although it does take a little bit more effort on your part to actually get the review, your five star rating shows that you care about them too. If it doesn’t work for you, then no harm done as this method is completely free, and just one little extra step! If you feel that this information has been helpful in any way, we recommend that you stop by one of our Clubhouses. Our Hospitality on Autopilot with a special guest session runs every Tuesday at 5:55pm EST, where we have an industry professional come in and discuss their knowledge.

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