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COVID-19 has caused virtually every business on the planet to pivot or perish. The only way for a business to survive is to acquiesce to these new changes.  With cases on the rise, and many countries having to go back into lockdown, COVID-19 has devastated many families, companies and industries, including the rental industry.

Renting is difficult

A once common and routine task has since transformed into a stress-inducing, extraverted nightmare. Going to the grocery store poses its own challenges with having to wear a mask and struggling to maintain enough space between other customers.  Renting your property has also been faced with new difficulties and stressors. Our only hope now is to keep adapting and modifying what we once did.  As air travel is starting to pick up again, the current climate has renters and property owners both in a state of unease, creating an inner discourse surrounding their fear of each-other’s proximity to someone with COVID-19. These worries among others, are what’s currently dictating the survival of the short term rental industry. So, how does one circumvent these issues, and go back to renting out their home during this pandemic? Simply put, there isn’t going to be a silver bullet solution that makes things go back to normal (if there were, wouldn’t that be great?), but there are steps that can be taken. For starters, reflect on your property, and ask yourself the hard questions; “Has my rental been thoroughly cleaned after each rental?”, “Are there cleaning measures in place for the people renting?”, “Are we being transparent about how frequently things are being sanitized?”, among others.

By understanding what makes a guest feel safe and comfortable in your home, you will gain the knowledge needed to transfer that over to future guests, thus creating a COVID free image for your property.

Sanitizing your home is paramount


Sanitization should always be the first step for making your rental a COVID free home.  Would you be comfortable going to a hotel room in a different country and noticing a dirty toilet bowl or an unmade bed? Of course not.  You’re paying for a special stay and you want the room to reflect that. Instead of those visually unappealing scenarios, think of the ones you can’t see: a sink tap or light switch that hasn’t been wiped down, or counters that haven’t been properly cleaned.  Write down all objects you think are most accessed in your rental to get a better idea of what cleaning has to be done.

If you don’t feel comfortable cleaning, think about hiring a professional cleaning service so you are certain that everything has been disinfected.  The last thing you want is an unsanitized fixture becoming a petri dish for the coronavirus.

Talk with your guests


Besides thoroughly cleaning, you should open a dialogue with your potential guests.  Boast your cleaning efforts! We promise they won’t be upset you cleaned for them. You should also welcome any questions, as they are double checking for their own serenity.  If the potential guest has any doubt, you are at risk of losing them as a booked rental, this is why reassurance is crucial during this period. When you open this dialogue, it shows you care about their health and well being, and reassures the guest that it is in your best interest to comply with their requests.

Show off the clean


You may be asking yourself, “But Enso, this just ensures people that already wanted to rent will continue to rent.  What about the others that rented before but don’t anymore?”.  Great question.  Advertise, advertise, advertise!  Edit your Airbnb/Vrbo/guest booking site listing and say that you regularly sanitize and have proper precautions in place.  It could be this one step that pushes a potential renter toward a confirmed booking.

Being a great host like yourself, you know the importance of making your guest feel comfortable and welcomed. During this stressful time, you may feel the pressure of following new protocols you didn’t have before, but don’t worry. Here at Enso, we are at your disposal to ensure your rental experience is stress free.

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