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If you’re searching for AI tools to implement in your hospitality business, our comprehensive guide has you covered. We’ve examined the AI features available from industry vendors and surveyed vacation rental managers about the AI tools they use. Here’s a detailed overview of available AI options, giving you a complete toolkit to select from and start using immediately.

Why Hospitality Professionals Are Not Leveraging AI to the Fullest?

We know that the hospitality industry as a whole has been cautious about adopting AI, and rightfully so.

Some of the key barriers, mentioned by the industry operators are:

  • Highly personalized nature of hospitality services that AI can’t replicate – “Don’t want to over-automate”
  • A lack of technical expertise and resources – “Don’t know how to start”
  • Uncertainty about return on investment – “Not sure if it’s worth it”
  • Resistance to change within organizational cultures – “Consider AI to be just a hype or concern over being replaced by AI”

In the fragmented short-term rental market it’s hard to collect enough data to make AI work well. This makes it expensive to get the needed technology and expertise. On the other hand, bigger companies can use their size to adopt AI more easily and affordably.

Why Do You Need to Start Using AI Today?

With understandable barriers, we are convinced that you need to start using AI ASAP if you want to stay on top of the game. Why?

Because AI can and will automate repetitive tasks. Sam Altman’s suggestion that AI could handle up to 95% of marketers’, strategists’ and creatives’ tasks has stirred a debate.

While hospitality heavily relies on human interaction, we can still use the unparalleled efficiency, speed, and precision, provided by AI. Vertical AI disruptions are already transforming entire industries, and the short-term rental space is ripe for this kind of innovation. If you don’t adopt AI, your competitors will, and you risk losing your edge. The time to act is now. Vacation rental professionals who incorporate AI into their workflows today will be well-positioned to thrive in the future.

Many affordable AI tools are available today for you to start using in your daily operations. We’re sure you can find something that is a good fit for your hospitality business right now.

AI Tools Map for Short Term Rentals and Vacation Rentals - latest

How We Did It: The Mapping Process

Before sharing more about the different companies in the space, we would like to mention that there are a variety of different types of AI. The most commonly known today is LLM, that stand for large language models, but many companies use machine learning models, or other types. This map combines the most common used technologies that leverage AI in the vacation rental and boutique hotel sector, but it should be noted that all of these systems use a different model for unique cases.

Our journey involved exploring numerous software with AI features, ChatGPT “wrapper” apps, and products fully built on AI and machine learning. We chose to include any tools mentioned by hospitality professionals that incorporate AI, so you can benefit from them too.

The mapping was based on an anonymous survey distributed through internal platforms, LinkedIn, and Facebook groups. Additional data were gathered from searches on Quora and Reddit.

Stay Updated

We regularly update this list with new tools we discover. Be sure to check back in the future and let us know if you find any new, useful, and inexpensive AI tools.

If you offer AI-powered software, tell us how it helps STR professionals to be considered for our map.

The Ultimate AI Toolkit for Short-Term Rental Professionals

We’ve outlined key areas where artificial intelligence can optimize operations, enhance customer experience, and streamline management processes. This map will cover various stages of the STR lifecycle, from property listing and booking to customer service, property management and guest engagement and satisfaction.

Guest Messaging

AI tool types: AI chatbots, guest messaging tools with AI features

Applications: Automating, personalizing, translating and in some cases unifying responses to common guest inquiries, ensuring quick and accurate information delivery.

Tools: Enso Connect, HostAI, Sojern,, Besty AI, Akia, Easyway by Duve, Hostaway

Pricing Optimization

AI Tool Types: Machine Learning algorithms, Dynamic Pricing tools.

Applications: Analyzing market trends, demand forecasting, setting competitive prices, and adjusting rates in real-time based on factors such as seasonality, local events, and booking patterns.


Beyond Pricing uses dynamic pricing algorithms to adjust rental rates daily based on market data.

PriceLabs offers revenue management and dynamic pricing based on demand forecasting and market trends.

Wheelhouse provides market insights and customizable pricing strategies to maximize revenue.

Property Listing Optimization

AI Tool Types: Natural Language Generation (NLG) engines, Image Enhancement tools.

Applications: Automatically generating compelling property descriptions, enhancing property photos for clarity and appeal, and optimizing listings for search visibility across rental platforms.


Hostaway: Enhances property photos and listings using AI-driven tools for a more appealing presentation.

ChatGPT – property managers can build custom GPTs to create optimized listings, based on the information from the previously successful listings.

Airbnb Description Generator – Many vacation rental tech vendors, such as PriceLabs, HostAI, AutoMate, offer Airbnb description generator tools.

Image enhancers: While not exclusively for rentals, AI-enhanced features in Canva, Adobe Firefly, Styldod can be used for creating visually appealing property listings.

Predictive Analytics

AI Tool Types: Market insights and business intelligence tools

Applications: forecast demand, identify trends, and guide marketing strategies

Tools: Lighthouse (previously Transparent), AllTheRooms

If you have datasets, you can use ChatGPT for advanced data analysis. It can provide summaries and interpretations, identify trends in the historical data, and visualize the process in charts.

Customer Experience Personalization

AI Tool Types: Recommendation Systems, Personalization Engines.

Applications: Offering personalized recommendations for guests based on their preferences and past behaviors, such as relevant listings, local experiences, restaurants, and activities.

These category can be divided into two stages: pre-booking (marketing) and post-booking (guest experience).

  1. Pre-booking – the research, awareness and consideration stages of the customer journey.

Applications: Customizing the direct booking website visitor experience to increase bookings

Tools: Aidaptive

b. Post-booking – the guest experience at the pre-arrival, check-in, during stay, checkout and post stay stages.

Applications: Customizing the guest experience to enhance guest satisfaction.

Tools: Enso Connect

Booking and Reservations Management

AI Tool Types: Website Chatbots and Assistants, Automated Booking Systems.

Applications: Streamlining the booking process through intelligent chatbots that answer inquiries, assist with bookings, and handle prospect questions 24/7. Automating reservation scheduling and management.

Tools: PolyAI, Up Market, Hostaway, Guesty, Lodgify

Property Care and Operations AI Enhancements

AI Tool Types: AI enhancements to property care and operations platform

Applications: combining deep property profiles with the generative AI power of ChatGPT.

Tools: Breezeway

Guest Screening and Security

AI Tool Types: AI-driven Verification Systems, Behavior Analysis tools.

Applications: Screening potential guests to ensure safety and compliance with rental policies. Using behavior analysis to detect and prevent potential fraud or security risks.

Tools: Autohost, Superhog, Trustd

Review and Reputation Management

AI Tool Types: Sentiment Analysis tools, Automated Response Systems.

Applications: Analyzing guest reviews to gauge sentiment and identify areas for improvement. Automating responses to reviews to maintain engagement and address any issues highlighted by guests.

Tools: Enso Connect, Trust You, Mara AI

Interior Design and Furnishing

AI Tool Types: Virtual Reality (VR) for immersive design experiences, Augmented Reality (AR) for real-time furniture placement and visualization, Machine Learning (ML) for style and layout recommendations, and 3D Modeling software for accurate space planning and design.

Applications: These tools help in creating visually appealing and functional interior spaces tailored to enhance the guest experience.

Tools: Ludwig by FullHouse, HomeDesignsAI, REimagineHome

Content Creation

AI Tool Types: LLM chats, AI voice generator, text to speech, text to video, video generators, Ad creative generators

Application: Automating and enhancing the creation of text, images, videos, and other content forms to increase efficiency and creativity, especially for marketing and customer support purposes.

Tools: Chat GPT (Open AI), Claude 3 Opus (Anthropic), Gemini (Google), or you can get all three through Invisibility. Another great AI research tool is Perplexity AI.  AI video creation and Ad creative tools: HeyGen, InVideo, AI text-to-speech voice generators – ElevenLabs, Murf, Video editing and content repurposing: Descript, Opus Clip, etc.


AI Tool Types: Project management tools, virtual assistants, AI transcription and note taking,

Application: Optimize planning, automate task assignment, monitor progress in real-time,

Tools: Notion AI, ClickUp Brain, Glyphic, Otter, Fireflies

AI Trip Planning

AI Tool Types: travel itinerary planners, AI-powered platforms for trip planning and scheduling, LLM chats

Application: Building and offering personalized itineraries, optimizing schedules, providing real-time updates, facilitating cultural understanding, ensuring cost efficiency, and enhancing overall travel experiences.

Tools: Layla (former RoamAround), Wonderplan, Trip Planner AI

Sustainability and Eco-friendliness Initiatives

AI Tool Types: AI-based Energy Management Systems, Waste Reduction tools.

Applications: Leveraging AI to optimize energy consumption, reduce waste, and promote sustainable practices within rental properties, contributing to environmental conservation efforts and cost savings.


  • EcoStay: An AI-driven tool for monitoring and reducing energy consumption in rental properties.
  • Enertiv: Specializes in energy management and operational efficiency for buildings, using AI to optimize energy use.


Short-term rental professionals who incorporate AI into their workflows today will be well-positioned to thrive in the future. Leverage the comprehensive AI toolkit outlined in this guide to streamline operations, boost efficiency, and deliver exceptional guest experience.

We hope this will provide a great jump start for short-term rental professionals, like you, looking to leverage AI. If you find it useful – let us know. And if you discover a new AI tool that helps you achieve your business goals – make sure to share it with us. We’ll keep updating this list for the good of the entire hospitality industry. Next stage is to add practical case studies and application workshops. 

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