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Top Upselling Examples for Vacation Rentals and Tourist Accommodations in Mexico

In the vibrant and rapidly growing vacation rental market of Mexico, upselling has become a key strategy for maximizing revenue and enhancing the guest experience. From the Ruins of Tulum to the cenotes of Yucatán, Mexican property managers have endless opportunities to provide memorable experiences. These upsells not only generate additional income but also create lasting impressions for guests. 

Read on to see how much you can earn offering popular local experiences to guests in your tourist accommodation rentals.

Mexico’s Thriving Vacation Market

Mexico’s Vacation Rentals market is rapidly expanding, driven by its beautiful beaches, rich culture, and affordable options. By 2028, 64% of the revenue will come from online bookings, highlighting the importance for property managers to optimize their digital presence. This growth presents an excellent opportunity for property managers to attract more guests and increase their bookings. To stay competitive, they should focus on enhancing their online listings, providing an exceptional guest experience, and leveraging technology to streamline operations.

What are Short-Term Rental Upsells?

A short-term rental upsell is a powerful tool which refers to the practice of offering guests additional products, services, or upgrades to enhance their stay, while increasing the revenue. This strategy is commonly used in the short-term rental industry and can be either operational, or involve tours, activities, and experiences.  The key to successful upselling is understanding the guests’ needs and preferences and offering relevant and valuable additions that enhance their experience. Effective guest communication plays a crucial role in identifying these needs and suggesting suitable upsells.This approach not only boosts revenue but can also lead to higher guest satisfaction and loyalty.

Upsells in Hotels VS Vacation Rentals: What’s the Difference

Upsells in hotels typically involve concierge services and traditional amenities, whereas in the short-term rental properties industry, this process is digitized to streamline operations. In contrast, vacation rental upsells are more personalized, catering to individual guest needs like grocery delivery, private chefs, and local tours. Vacation rentals offer operators flexibility to innovate, tailoring unique experiences to their property and target market. This personalized approach is integral to the business model of vacation rentals, allowing them to provide an exceptional guest experience. With the growing popularity of short-term rentals, more travelers are choosing them for accommodation. These guests now expect hotel-like services during their stays. Therefore, offering add-on amenities and other enhancements is crucial for hospitality professionals managing vacation rentals.

Why offer upsells in vacation rentals?

Offering upsells in vacation rentals brings multiple advantages. By enhancing the guest experience through added convenience and luxury, you can significantly increase guest satisfaction and tailor to your target audience’s specific needs. This not only boosts your revenue but also helps in building a strong and recognizable brand. Upselling also encourages repeat business, as guests are more likely to return to a place where they felt valued and pampered. Moreover, satisfied guests are more inclined to leave positive reviews, further enhancing your property’s reputation and attracting new visitors.

Understanding market trends and employing effective revenue management strategies are essential for maximizing these benefits, ensuring that upselling occurs at the best time to meet guest demand. Ultimately, vacation rentals play a similar role to hotels in the hospitality industry, adapting to modern expectations and providing exceptional, personalized experiences.

How much revenue per listing can I add with upsells in Mexico?

A well-executed upselling strategy, tailored to your guests needs and the capacity of your business, can substantially boost revenue. So how can you get the potential revenue increase from upsells in your vacation rental business in Mexico?

Factors like your property type, capacity, average stay length, and booking channels can impact your potential revenue uplift. We can make a quick estimate, with a basic formula:

Take the value of an experience or service upsell and calculate your cut. Different affiliate programs offer different rev share to partners. For example, Viator offers 8% revenue share. In this case we’ll use this number, but you can insert the percentage of any affiliate partner you choose to work with. Take 8% out of an experience that costs USD $100. And just like that – you earn USD $8 every time one of your guests orders this experience through your link! In the business world it is usually referred to as “free money”.

Affiliate Links and Local Services

This is the revenue a property manager typically retains without sharing with the owners—your choice. In the STR industry, where margins are thin, these numbers can significantly impact your bottom line.

Below you can see the real experiential packages in Mexico you can offer your guests to make a hassle-free profit.

Learn more about the economic of vacation rental upselling.

Conducting analysis based on your data, continuously testing and optimizing the upsell process are recommended to maximize the revenue uplift. The best way to do this is to have a guest experience dashboard, where you and your team can track the performance.

When should you try to upsell services in your vacation rental?

To effectively upsell services in your vacation rental, timing is crucial. Key opportunities include during the booking confirmation, when guests are excited about their stay, and upon check-in, when they might be interested in enhancements like upgraded amenities. Additionally, mid-stay touchpoints are ideal for offering experiences or services that can improve their current stay. Tailoring your upsell strategies to these moments ensures relevance and increases the likelihood of conversion, thereby maximizing revenue without overwhelming guests. Read more about when to upsell services in your short-term rental.

Types of Vacation Rental Upsells

Operational Upsells

Includes everything that requires operational resources from property managers. This includes flexible access, like early check-in, late checkout, in-property extras, like mid-stay cleaning or pool heating and gap nights. These higher offers are best ways to make sure your guests have a successful vacation and you maximize revenue. The downside of this strategy is that it can raise operational costs, adding pressure on your cleaning and guest relations teams. By automating processes and enhancing efficiency with AI and condition-based workflows, this can be mitigated, making it worth your while.

Service Upsells

Service upsells aim to enhance the guest experience by providing additional services that add convenience, luxury, or comfort. These services can include personalized concierge assistance, in-room amenities, and private transportation options. In most cases these offers can be implemented by third party service providers.

Activities and Experiences

These include experiential offering that doesn’t involve operational efforts from the property manager. The best way to offer these upsells are through partnerships or affiliate programs, like Viator or Holibob.

Operational Upsells

An operational upsell in the hospitality industry refers to offering guests additional services related to the operation and convenience of their stay. These services enhance the guest experience by providing added comfort, flexibility, and convenience, for an additional fee. Below are some examples:

Early Check-in

An early check-in offers guests the possibility to access the accommodation before the standard check-in time. This would normally be between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. The service is valuable for guests arriving early in the day who want to rest, unload the bags, relax or start exploring the destination.

Late Check-out

By providing guests with late check-out, you let them stay in the property after a standard checkout time. This is usually between 10am and 12PM. When people have late departures, the possibility to enjoy the property for a little longer can add-up to the vacation experience. Many guests are ready to pay a premium for convenience. A willingness to offer your guests the flexibility of a later stay can go a long way.

Stay Extension or Gap Nights

This type of an upsell offering can be a golden opportunity for a rental operator to increase occupancy rate. Fill short gaps between reservations by offering departing and arriving guests to extend their stays and fill gap nights. By automating this process, you can make sure to capture these rental income opportunities with a great value proposition.

Mid-stay Clean

A short-term rental housekeeping doesn’t include daily cleaning. However, travelers staying for longer periods of time, would appreciate mid-stay housekeeping service and would pay extra to pay for the cleaning team effort.

Pool/Hot tub Maintenance

Offering this upsell requires knowing your audience and the market you are in very well. If it is something that makes sense, upselling pool or hot tub maintenance can boost profits while enhancing the guest experience.

Service Upsells

Service upsells focus on offering additional guest services that enhance their stay by providing extra convenience, luxury, or comfort. These can range from personalized concierge services to in-room amenities and private transportation. Examples include:

Transportation Services: Offering airport pickup and drop-off services, car rentals, or shuttle services to nearby attractions.

Food and Beverage Delivery: Offer grocery delivery services where guests can pre-order groceries and have them delivered to their rental before or during their stay. You can also provide an option for guests to order ready-to-eat meals and beverages from nearby restaurants.

Equipment Rentals: Provide rental services for equipment that guests might need during their stay. Examples include bicycles, baby equipment (cribs, high chairs), or beach accessories (chairs, snorkeling gear).

Tours, Activities, Experiences as Vacation Rental Upsells in Mexico

Experiential upsells involve offering guests unique tours, activities, and experiences to enrich their stay. These can include guided city tours, adventure activities, cultural experiences, or wellness sessions. By providing these curated experiences, you can create memorable moments for guests while generating additional revenue.

Top Experiential Offerings in Mexico You Can Profit From

We’ve made the research of the most revenue generating experiential packages vacation rental operators in Mexico offer to their guests. You might find more ideas and partners to be a part of your upselling strategy. We will be happy to hear about it and add them to our list.

Tours, Activities, Experiences to Upsell in Top Tourist Accommodations in Mexico

Here is the list of top upselling examples for vacation rentals in Mexico, including potential revenue from these opportunities. Check out your location and see how much you could be earning by offering these experiences to your guests. If you don’t find your location or want to share the most popular experience in your area – let us know.


Waverunners Rentals in Cancun

Upselling Examples: Waverunners Rentals in Cancun

Climb aboard a jet ski and explore the ocean on a leisurely tour departing from Cancun. No previous experience is necessary: A certified instructor and guide is included for your comfort and safety. Take in coastline views that many visitors never see, and then glide through the clear waters of the Nichupte Lagoon before returning to Cancun for a hot shower.

Price:  CA$98.29

Your Cut: CA$7.86

Catamaran Adventure in Cancun

Upselling Examples: Catamaran Adventure in Cancun

One of the best ways to explore Cancun is from the water and this full-day catamaran cruise affords incredible views of Mexico’s Caribbean coast. Set sail aboard a modern catamaran for Isla Mujeres, where you can dive in to swim or snorkel at the Manchones or El Farito reef, then tuck into a delicious buffet lunch at a restaurant by the beachside. Back on board, enjoy some shots of tequila and get in the party mood as you cruise back to shore.

Price:  CA$77.23

Your Cut: CA$6.17

Flavors of Mexico: Cancun Cooking Class & Market Visit

Upselling Examples: Cancun Cooking Class & Market Visit

Discover the vibrant flavors of Mexico with our “Taste of Mexico: Cancun Cooking Class.” Start with a lively market tour to pick fresh ingredients, then learn to craft a 4-course Mexican meal using traditional techniques and tools like stone mortars and clay pots. This intimate cooking experience in Cancun features: -Guided market tour for fresh ingredients. -Hands-on preparation of a 4-course meal, drinks included. -Small group size for personalized instruction. -Easy hotel pickup and drop-off for a seamless experience. Perfect for food enthusiasts of all levels, this class offers a unique insight into Mexican cuisine, promising a memorable culinary adventure in Cancun.

Price: CA$153.05

Your Cut: CA$12.24

Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen Food Tour

Upselling Examples: Playa del Carmen Food Tour

Bring your appetite on this foodie tour in Playa del Carmen. By taxi and on foot, an in-the-know guide whisks you to five of the best restaurants and street stalls not frequented by tourists, where you will sample authentic Mexican cuisine, made up of Maya and Spanish influences. At an open-air farmer’s market, learn how fresh ingredients are used in dishes. Discover places and foods that you never would have found on your own!

Price: CA$99.21

Your Cut: CA$7.93

Parasailing in Playa del Carmen with transfer

Upselling Examples: Parasailing in Playa del Carmen

Fly over sandy beaches and take in expansive ocean views as you soar above the waves with the sea birds. An experienced parasailing crew makes sure you are safe the entire time. As your parasail leaves the boat, relax and feel the wind push you high into the sky. See Mexico from a quiet and unique perspective. Snacks and beverages are provided, as is hotel pickup and drop-off.

Price: CA$181.13

Your Cut: CA$14.49

Social PubCrawl Playa del Carmen

Upselling Examples: Social PubCrawl Playa del Carmen

Experience Melbourne’s vibrant culture on a captivating walking tour, departing from typical tourist routes. Delve into the city’s history with local guides, exploring iconic landmarks like Federation Square and Hosier Lane. Discover hidden gems and intriguing tales, concluding near the famous Old Melbourne Gaol.

Price: CA$49.34

Your Cut: CA$3.94

Cabo San Lucas

Taco Safari in Cabo San Lucas

Upselling Examples: Tacos in Cabo San Lucas

Skip the tourist tacos in Cabo San Lucas, and take a tour with a local guide to discover the city’s most authentic eats. As you walk, you’ll get the lowdown on Mexican cuisine and discover places away from the main tourist trail, where locals like to hang out. Up to six samples are included along with water and a soft drink.

Price: CA$105.31

Your Cut: CA$8.42

Hiking Experience in Cabo San Lucas

Upselling Examples: Hiking Experience in Cabo San Lucas

I consider myself a person who knows the area and likes guests to feel at home, to enjoy and be comfortable at all times and I and my team have the best service and tools to achieve this.

Price: CA$53.55

Your Cut: CA$4.28

Snorkeling tour in Cabo San Lucas

Upselling Examples: Snorkeling tour in Cabo San Lucas

The rock formations, gullies and boulders of Chileno Bay create a spectacular location for underwater life to flourish. Explore them in style, without sitting in traffic, when you book this classic cruise. Sip a drink or nibble on some lunch as you glide past the Arch of Cabo San Lucas (El Arco), then slip into the water using the provided snorkeling gear—and perhaps even a kayak or stand-up paddleboard (SUP).

Price: CA$106.71

Your Cut: CA$8.53


Discover Scuba Diving in Tulum

Upselling Examples: Cenotes in Tulum

Try out scuba diving during your time in Mexico with a half-day introductory course in Tulum. Find out if the popular water sport is right for you with a package that consists of a 15-minute class, a 15-minute practice session, and one dive in a cenote. Have the option to upgrade to include a second dive in the ocean if you like.


Price: CA$196.57

Your Cut: CA$15.72

Discovering Breathtaking Cenotes in Tulum

Upselling Examples: Breathtaking Cenotes in Tulum

Escape Downtown Tulum and explore the cenotes in the surrounding jungle. On this half-day tour, you’ll get to visit two of the most beautiful cenotes; Cenotes Dos Ojos and Casa Cenote. Learn about these large sinkholes once worshipped by the early Mayans and hop in for a swim in the crystal-clear water. Keep your energy high, with drinks and snacks available as you drive in a comfortable, air-conditioned vehicle between locations.

Price: CA$181.13

Your Cut: CA$14.49

Ancestral Tulum and Living Nature: Excursion to Tulum and Cenote

Upselling Examples: Ancestral Tulum and Living Nature Excursion

Embark on a captivating journey with our guided Tulum tour, where history, nature, and culture converge for an unforgettable experience. Marvel at the ancient wonders of Tulum’s archaeological site as our knowledgeable guide unveils the mysteries of this Mayan city perched on the Caribbean coast. The adventure continues with a refreshing swim in a crystalline cenote, immersing yourself in the natural beauty of an underground oasis. Enjoy the convenience of hassle-free transportation, ensuring a seamless exploration of these captivating destinations.

Price: CA$47.60

Your Cut: CA$3.80

Mexico City

Frida Kahlo Museum VIP: Skip-the-line & Bikes & Churros

Upselling Examples: Frida Kahlo Museum VIP

Visit the Coyoacan neighborhood by bicycle and visit Frida Kahlo Museum without having to wait in long lines with this tour. You’ll cycle through the artist’s old neighborhood, taking in parks, landmarks, and markets along the way. You’ll also stop for churros and tostadas during your trip, wrapping up at the Frida Kaholo Museum, where you’ll get skip-the-line entry.

Price: CA$110.92

Your Cut: CA$8.87

Full-Day Tour Exploring the Waters of Tolantongo

Upselling Examples: Full-Day Tour Exploring the Waters of Tolantongo

Indulge in an epic 14- to 16-hour odyssey on this full-day tour of Tolantongo’s aquatic wonders. The meticulously planned itinerary is tailored to suit the diverse needs of the modern adventurer. Revel in the tranquility of Tolantongo, where time slows down and each moment is savored at your leisure. With top-notch English-speaking guides, you’ll never miss out on a single detail. Plus, comfortable transportation ensures a hassle-free experience with ample space for all.


Price: CA$209.21

Your Cut: CA$16.73

Hot Air Balloon Flight over Teotihuacan, from Mexico City

Upselling Examples: Hot Air Balloon Flight over Teotihuacan, from Mexico City

Fly in a hot air balloon over one of the most spectacular places in Mexico, the Teotihuacán Valley, and enjoy one of the most impressive hot air balloon experiences in the world just 45 minutes from Mexico City. Volare is the hot air balloon rides company with more experience in Mexico.


Price: CA$206.53

Your Cut: CA$16.52



Upselling in Mexico’s tourist accommodation market is more than just a revenue-boosting tactic—it’s a vital approach for distinguishing oneself in a vibrant and competitive environment. By providing guests with unique and culturally rich experiences, such as exploring the ancient ruins of Tulum, diving in the crystalline cenotes of the Yucatán, or embarking on a culinary journey through the streets of Mexico City, property managers can greatly elevate guest satisfaction. These tailored upsells cater to the varied interests of travelers and transform a routine stay into an unforgettable adventure. In Mexico’s growing short-term rental sector, leveraging local attractions and innovative upselling strategies is crucial for hosts to excel. By offering value that extends beyond mere accommodation, they ensure that every guest’s stay is an enriching and memorable experience.

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