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For about the past year and a half, things have been turned upside down. But as vaccines and restrictions are holding down the number of cases, the level of optimism for 2022 is quite palpable. Recent polls conducted have shown that many people are planning to travel in the near future (3 months). So, what does 2022 have in store for property managers and hosts alike?

Decreased restrictions

As we move towards 2022, the number and level of restrictions will most likely be reduced. Due to the increased percentage of those fully and partially vaccinated, nations move closer to herd immunity. These decreased restrictions may mean you can start running your rentals again or increase the occupancy.

Increased volume of travel

A popular phrase that’s been coined during the pandemic is ‘Revenge Travel’. That is, after the pandemic, almost everyone will be itching to travel and they will want to make up for lost travel time by travelling immediately. This increased volume of travel will almost certainly affect your properties’ performance as there will be an influx in travellers.

New guests

In relation to revenge travel, the travel industry will see those who haven’t travelled regularly or frequently travel. This means that those that hadn’t really travelled in the past will be travelling now. Your vacation rental business will see tons of new faces from all over the world.

As we approach the finish line of this dastardly race, some things are becoming more clear and exciting. We still have to worry about the new Delta variant, and watch closely to see how that can affect travel. At the time of writing this article all of the aforementioned things that could happen are based on the current trajectory of cases and the recommendations of the CDC.

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