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The first step to ensure your property and your business is ready for the influx of guests is preparing your property. With more guests comes materials being used quicker and an increased need to sanitize more frequently. Having more towels, toilet paper, and other essentials on hand are good first steps to making sure that your guests will never run out of anything, thus making your task load lower. Increasing your service cleaners scheduling will also take care of the increased number of guests you will be having.

The stay

During the stay, if you have multiple properties, you will notice that guest communication will become paramount. You’ve recently seen a lull in the number of guests (if not, then this doesn’t apply to you), so getting back into the groove may take some time. Having automation software on hand that can take care of guest communication or something that can organize the comms will simplify the sheer number of requests you’ll undoubtedly see.

After the stay

Just like the previous steps, you’ll have to prepare for the incoming next batch of people. Cleaning and restocking your supplies will help smooth over the transition between guests.

With the influx of more travellers and an increased concern for the new Delta Variant of the COVID-19 virus, dealing with incoming travel has become more important than ever.

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