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Renting a property in a foreign country or even city can pose a lot of uncertainty. As a guest, you are always trying to make sure that you have a good quality rental, with similar amenities to a hotel, while also being close to the sites and attractions that drew your attention to that location in the first place, all the while keeping within a certain price range. All of these decisions are what determine where and what you rent. So how can you be a proactive guest and figure out ‘What is the best rental for me?’. Well, we are here to outline some criteria that you should consider before renting.

Guest communication is key

Communication is key

For starters, we should discuss what makes a good rental. The problem with creating a blanket statement about ‘good rentals’, is that every guest is different, and one guest may prefer one amenity more than another guest. To simplify this, we will take aspects of rentals that everyone enjoys and appreciates. The first thing to look for when renting, is the host’s response rate. If you are currently in a different country, and you have a burning question about the rental that needs immediate attention and your host doesn’t respond quickly, you are left feeling like your host does not care.  This could also create a future problem for the host if the issue in question is about the rental (i.e a leak or frozen pipe), and no one wants that. One of our co-founders, Francois, experienced this issue when on a ski trip.  His rental home was inaccessible because of a frozen key, and since his host didn’t respond in a timely manner, he ended up regretting the trip in the first place. A high response rate ensures that any question will be answered, and worries won’t be left as worries.

Easy access to a rental is paramount

Easy access is just as important

Another thing to determine with your rental is the ease of accessing the rental. Has your potential getaway destination set up a foolproof way of getting into the rental? Well, hopefully, yes, as no one wants to travel all the way to their destination, and then waste time fumbling through complicated access instructions.  We recommend renting properties with electronic access, such as smart locks, so there is no confusion or frustration when accessing a rental.

Hopefully by now the rental in question has passed these past two tests.  The next thing to consider is the proximity to sights.  This one isn’t a major deal-breaker for most guests, however it is helpful to figure out if you are wanting to explore in a new location. One problem with Airbnb listings is that hosts are able to upload whatever photos they want to complement their rental. This can mean hosts in France can upload pictures of the Eiffel Tower even when they aren’t in Paris.  This can be a massive bait and switch for those guests wanting to see the Eiffel Tower, but are left disappointed when they have to drive or take public transportation to view the site.

In any aspect, you should always do your due diligence to ensure that your rental experience goes as well as possible. If you are curious about a rental, but aren’t sure if it’s good enough, feel free to send an email to and we can help you figure that out.

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