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When renting out your home, one major thing to consider is the demographic you’re targeting.  Are you renting out your place during Spring Break? You’ll possibly receive teenagers and young adults looking to party. Are you renting out your place during the week? You may get some employees travelling for work, or a family on vacation.  For you, revolving your rental around your target demographic, can really make a positive impact on your guests.  Assuming your ideal guests are families, let’s determine what they want, and how to make their experience ideal.

Making your STR family friendly can be hard

Don’t forget about the kids!

When one hears the words family and vacation, you can’t help but think of kids — in particular little kids.  Counterintuitively, these kids are actually your target audience, because when the kids are happy, the parents are happy.  No parent wants to go on vacation and have their kids throw tantrums.  So, how can you prepare for these little monsters? Well, making your rental kid friendly is the first step.  The key here is to picture yourself as a kid, what would you like to do or play with?  My recommendation is Legos as they are always a good purchase (if the kids aren’t too small), as they can create whatever they want and they can be kept busy for a while.  Another option is to set up a kid friendly Netflix account (i.e kids guest account), this way if the kids don’t want to play they can be settled down with age appropriate videos.  The key to happy parents is mostly happy kids, but there are also things you have to consider for their enjoyment too!

Finding a family friendly restaurant is a good idea

Create a separate space for the adults

What do parents want when vacationing with their kids? Well considering they are on vacation, it means they’re looking for a break from their regular routine.  So the question now is what can help with that?  Well, one thing to add for parent enjoyment would be a separate sleeping area for the parents, as this can be a way for the parents to relax without their kids.  If this isn’t possible in the rental, try to distinguish between which areas are for kids and what areas aren’t. Another worry for parents are the food options in the area that their kids would be up for.  There’s nothing worse than going to a restaurant and overhearing a kid throwing a fit because they don’t have chicken fingers on the menu, but imagine how the parents feel! Try to acquire menus from restaurants nearby that are child friendly.

Parents love safety

Another thing families consider when going on vacation is the safety of their children. From this, they are going to be giving extra scrutiny to the overall safety of the rental.  If you’ve got smart locks, security cameras or anything of the sort, advertise it! Nothing settles an anxious parent more than knowing that the safety of their children is in good hands, and that there is nothing to worry about. All of these things, coupled with communicating with the guest will ensure the family renting your property will be more than happy with your rental.  If you have any questions about this article feel free to email

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