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How are you selling your property

By February 9, 2021June 8th, 2023No Comments

What ARE you doing to sell your property? What things have you done in the past week, month, six months, even a year that has shown you that your business is growing? When trying to sell your property, you are essentially trying to showcase why your home, villa, apartment, etc. is better than the rest. Competition is quite fierce, with millions of listings on Online Travel Agency (OTA) platforms, now more than ever you have to find different ways to distinguish yourself from the rest.

Things to add to your rental

Sell your property successfully

Recently, our CoFounder and CEO, Francois Gouelo, along with myself hosted our Clubhouse, Airbnb on Autopilot, where we discussed what aspects of short term rental and vacation home owners do they showcase in order to stand out. What we both realized is that going the extra mile when offering things to your guest is almost always guaranteed to work. One guest that joined mentioned that they actually have fully converted their property into a quarantining safe haven, coupled with fast internet, streaming services, and even a grocery store gift card so they’re able to stay in the comfort of their rental. Another guest brought up the point of knowing your audience, that is, who are you wanting to rent out your property? If you are trying to target families, this host mentioned having childrens toys (LEGO, building blocks, etc.) along with a bottle of wine for the parents, can mean all the difference.

By making your listing more special with these small touches, you’ll not only have guests give you higher reviews for going above and beyond, but this will snowball into you getting more bookings. Who doesn’t want that? By investing in your properties and the actual quality of the stay, you are taking the first step in investing in yourself and the longevity of your business: if your properties succeed, so will you! If you’re currently unsure of how to go about making your place more unique, try and look back and see what aspects of a hotel or BnB you really enjoyed. Did the host or hotel leave out some chocolate or shampoo? Or did they leave some toilet paper? Both of these little things give the guest peace of mind, since they are left with one less thing to worry about.

Airbnb on Autopilot Clubhouse

If you have any questions or tips when trying to sell your property to potential guests, feel free to join our next Clubhouse so you can talk with other people in the rental and travel industry. Our Airbnb on Autopilot Clubhouse runs every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:55pm EST. If you have any questions, like always feel free to email us at

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