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On the same page as our most recent blogs, this demographic is one of the biggest you may want to focus on.  According to Investopedia, business related flights equate up to 12% of all consumer flights, and up to 75% of airline profits.  You may be wondering why we are using a flight statistic. Great question! Well, since short let stays are available to everyone, you have to consider where your guests are coming from.  Considering this massive opportunity for your rental, it would be imperative to optimize your home for this type of guest.

Business trips are equally as stressful for the business person

Maximizing your potential

You may already be familiar with the majority of your guests, and how to better serve them, but this demographic can be tricky.  In some cases, business trips can be booked rather short in advance and from either a weekend to a couple of weeks! So how can you as a host better maximize your potential? Well, you first have to recognize the implicit situation of their trip: they aren’t here on vacation.  So although, yes, it is a good practice to leave out restaurant suggestions and bars, I would recommend leaving great take out restaurants (if they’re busy, they won’t be able to go to a restaurant). I would also recommend getting a mini fridge with alcoholic beverages just in case.  Your rental should be prepared enough so that in the worst case scenario they wouldn’t have to leave your rental unless to get groceries.

Another thing to consider is what business they are in.  Open a dialogue with your guest, and ask them what area they work in and if they need to travel.  Right there you are able to figure out what potential questions they may ask you during their trip (“Where is the public transportation?”, or “How reliable is public transportation”).  Once you understand your guest, you are one step close to creating an amazing experience for them.

Having an iron on hand can save their morning!

One of their biggest worries when being on a business trip is not being prepared for their business endeavours. Giving directions to nearby tech shops, or coffee shops that have free WiFi can be amazing details that give your guest some reassurance that they can accomplish their work from almost anywhere. Another worry of theirs could be nearby dry cleaning services, for an in person or video call meetings. You probably know the feeling of being underdressed, and especially if it’s a business trip, the guest will want easy access to these types of places.  If there isn’t a dry cleaner nearby, think about including an iron and ironing board in the unit so that they will be well prepared.

At the end of the day, keeping a quick and open communication during the trip, coupled with the other suggestions, I am certain that your guests will be undoubtedly happy with their stay. It’s the Superhost (Airbnb) mentality that will set you apart from the other hosts jockeying for the same rental.  Like always, if you have any questions about modifying your rental, feel free to check out our website, or email us at

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