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Quarantining and Vacations

Keeping Your Guests Safe and Comfortable

By now you may have gotten requests from potential guests about the possibility of them quarantining in your rental. The real questions are should you let them and what should you do to prepare? The simple answer is it’s your property, so really it’s to your discretion, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t things to consider.

If you have multiple guests staying at your property, would they feel comfortable having another guest quarantine there? You have to think about everyone that’s involved just in case by chance they are contagious and spread the virus to your other guests. If you make it known beforehand that guests may be quarantining, you are covering both yourself and your guests safety.

If your property is just for one set of guests, then you will also have to see if they are able to receive food and water easily without them leaving the property. If this isn’t possible then your property is well suited for guests that need to self isolate. Let the potential guests know that you cannot rent to them and let them know why.

If your property is okay to be used for quarantine and your potential other guests don’t mind, then you have to see if your property is ready for them. This guest could be contagious and have the virus so it is imperative that for your guests’ safety that cleaning measures are put in place effectively. Be sure to have single use items that are most commonly used so that you don’t risk future guests’ safety. As well, make sure that your cleaning protocols are followed by your cleaning team (or yourself) so that you are certain that every aspect of your property has been cleaned and disinfected.

Yes, there are many things to think about when renting out to this type of guest, but at the same time, they are desperate for a place to stay. So no matter what you decide upon make sure to treat them with respect when dealing with them.

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