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What do guests like the most?

Knowing your guests

Figuring out what aspects of your rental process guests like the most and which ones they like the least can be very challenging… it can also be very valuable. By knowing your weaknesses and strengths, you are given the opportunity to invest in your strengths while also minimizing your weaknesses. This will not only help with the enjoyment of your property but also ensure that future guests will continue to give you the five star reviews that you deserve.

Figuring out what aspects of your rental guests like the most can be quite tricky, but there are ways around this. For starters, after a guest has completed their stay, you can send them a quick survey where they can answer what they liked/disliked. Since you are writing the questionnaire, try to be as unbiased as possible so that you get the truest answers possible. If you think your guests won’t complete the survey, entice them with a potential discount on their next stay so that not only will they come back, but you will also get good information about where to improve.

Once you figure out what aspects of your rental guests like the most, try and figure out how you can replicate and also make those aspects even better. Do they like the cleanliness? Keep your cleaning team and maybe give them a raise. Are they a fan of the check-in process or do they think it’s too clunky? Maybe invest in smart technology. By knowing what to change or improve, you are given the opportunity to take your property to the next level.

Although everyone’s rental property is different, just like their rental process, there are aspects about each property that make them stand out as a great choice. By embracing the uniqueness of your property and playing on your strengths, your business will not only succeed, but your guests will appreciate it even more.

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