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Etiquette, like many other things, can set you apart from others. Having great etiquette can not only improve other people’s perception of yourself, but also give others a reduction in stress and hassle. When traveling abroad or renting a vacation home, etiquette should be at the front of your mind. Although a rather simple concept, etiquette, like most other characteristics in life can greatly affect the others around you, and traveling is no different.

No one likes being left with a mess

Being Etiquette When Traveling

The basis of travel etiquette is essentially to leave things the way they were if not better than the way they were before you saw/interacted/experienced them. If you were to rent out your home or have friends stay over at your home, I can guarantee that you would appreciate it if they made the bed in the morning, or cleaned up after themselves.  These little touches — although not very time or energy consuming — end up going a long way in people’s minds.  It is this sort of thinking you, yourself, have to consider when you are traveling abroad.

Keeping surfaces clean and organized and caring after the wellbeing of the property are all ways that you can respect your host and the place you’re staying in. These qualities not only set you apart from the other guests, but they also make you appreciate where you are staying, as you then create a physical connection between yourself and the location. During the process of traveling, being a respectable person who isn’t blasting music or making a mess along the way will make a better impression on the local residents and will make them more comfortable with more travellers coming to their destination.

Essentially, etiquette is a key focal point in day to day life and you may not even realize it. It’s the small things that make someone’s life easier that can really change the way people go about their normal day. Although travel etiquette is paramount when traveling or staying abroad, social etiquette is something that can be practiced almost anywhere, and will make a sincere difference in someone’s day.

Be a good example for others

Social etiquette and travel etiquette go hand in hand, as travel etiquette is a natural extension of the latter. There are thousands of different “horror stories” from property owners and other hosts alike. People that not only disregarded etiquette, but mistreated their surroundings to such an extent that these hosts are forced to reimagine their rental practice. Being proactive, and following your hosts’ guidelines, while also trying to make things easier for them, is a great way to welcomed back again.

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