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Traveling can be very daunting, and almost impossible to master after your major excursion. If you’ve ever been on a vacation by yourself or with a few close friends, you’ll know that there is extensive planning and coordination involved to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Every detail from boarding passes, to luggage, and even forgetting your wallet are definitely aspects that can cause a great deal of stress leading to your departure date. This whole lengthy process (although not the same for everyone), can set apart what makes a good trip and a bad one. Common mistakes when travelling happen to almost everyone at one point in their life, but once you figure out where you went wrong, you can be certain that the next time you can travel or are travelling, you’ll be ready.

So what are the common mistakes when travelling?


Write a list to remember everything

When you’re in a new place, making sure you have all the necessary items that are needed to travel is one thing that can certainly become an issue. Some basic items that you might forget aren’t the biggest of your worries (toothbrush, nail clippers) but when you forget your credit card or piece of identification, you may be in for quite the hassle. Creating a list of things that you need for your trip, and then proceeding to go through your trip’s itinerary is a great way to figure out what necessary items you need to pack with you on your trip. It may seem like an extra step, and may even seem silly, but doing that simple once-over will at least give you peace of mind.


Split up your valuables

If you’ve arrived at your destination, but have managed to misplace, lose, or have your belongings stolen, don’t worry.  When packing, make sure that you are splitting up your personal belongings, so that if anything does go wrong, you don’t end up losing everything valuable all at once. Think of the saying divide and conquer: if you split up your valuables and have an idea where everything is, you’ll be less likely to get upset if an airline loses one piece of your luggage. That being said, try bringing doubles of things you are worried about that are non-valuable but are important for the quality of your trip, i.e maps, sunscreen, etc.

Time management

Being on time when traveling is something that is incredibly important, especially when venturing out of your home country. The difference between a few minutes can mean you getting on your non refundable train/plane ticket or not. Setting multiple alarms and being proactive when traveling should help with managing your time and will allow you to get to your destination on time without the hassle.

If you’re finding that you are a pro at traveling but have stories of your own that you think would be beneficial to share, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at so we can share them!

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