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In today’s competitive hospitality landscape, the quality of guest experiences can set a hotel apart. Boutique hotels must adapt as guests seek convenience, personalization, and digital engagement. Enter hotel guest experience software. Guest technology redefines hospitality for the modern traveler. 

Hotel operators can enjoy the benefits from seamless contactless operations to automated messaging to personalized guest journeys. 

Read further to see how you can revolutionize your hotel operations. Learn how contactless check-ins and check-outs are the future of the hotel industry. Save and get back time with automated messaging. Bring in more revenue-driving upsells. 

Streamline the full guest journey for your hotel guests with ease using guest experience software.

How to Elevate Operations With Hotel Guest Experience Software

In 2024, like many sectors, the hospitality industry is increasingly adopting digital solutions. They are looking to meet evolving guest expectations and operational challenges. Modern travelers look for easy-to-use technological connections and seamless experiences. 

Hotel guest experience software caters to these demands. These systems offer mobile check-ins, AI-driven concierge services, and customized upselling for a more well-rounded experience. Guest experience tools simply streamline operations. From pre-arrival operations to automated humanized communication, you can reduce costs and improve service delivery all in one. 

Contactless check-in as part of a digital guest journey

Contactless Operations: The New Normal in Hospitality

Simply put, the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of contactless solutions in hotels. It’s now a new standard in the industry. Hotel guest experience software’s contactless check-in/out capability is a prime example of this shift. 

Contactless operations rid the need for physical interaction at the front desk. These solutions improve guest safety and add a layer of convenience and efficiency. Guests can arrive and depart at their leisure, bypassing traditional bottlenecks at the front desk. This provides a smoother, more streamlined experience.

Streamline Hotel Check-Ins with Smart Locks

The integration of smart locks with guest software allows guests to access their rooms through their mobile devices. Guests can bypass the front desk entirely, heading straight to their rooms upon arrival. This saves time and reduces crowding in the lobby area. 

Smart lock technology can integrate seamlessly with hotel management systems, allowing for real-time updates and management. This integration ensures that room assignments and access permissions are always up-to-date. 

Simplify Checkouts: A Seamless Departure Experience

Hotel guest experience software provides cashless options for hotels. Guests can complete transactions and leave tips without the need for physical cash. This makes the checkout process quicker, more convenient, and secure for guests.

These digital platforms for hotels offer a contactless checkout process that boosts guest reviews, drives direct bookings, and saves housekeeping time​​. This system includes step-by-step checkout instructions to guide guests. Provide clarity on the departure process for a better guest journey​​. 

Additionally, guest experience software allows hotels to increase revenue by offering late checkout options for a fee, which can be included in automatic checkout messages. 

Watch a case study on how a boutique hotel created memorable experiences using digital guest experience solutions.

“What the hospitality industry needs. We looked at several alternatives, combining different systems for messaging, access management, marketing, and more. Enso Connect offered all of it in one single place and has impacted the guest experience, the operating costs, and more.”

Matthew Opferkuch, CEO and Founder of The Laundry Rooms

Automate Messaging Using Hotel Guest Experience Software

Automated communication like checkout messages and a unified inbox are huge features of guest experience technology. Hotel managers can dedicate more time to addressing guest needs by automating routine inquiries and responses. Guest service systems ensure that guests receive timely and relevant information. From check-in instructions to local recommendations, all delivered through their preferred communication channels. 

Efficient Messaging with a Personal Touch | FREE TEMPLATES

Digital hotel guest experience platforms’ automated messaging provides a balance between efficiency and personalization. The software brings a personal touch by using AI sentiment recognition to understand guest queries. It can then provide appropriate responses. 

Here are examples of automated messages that can be sent using hotel guest experience software like Enso Connect:

Welcome Messages

Upon a guest’s arrival or check-in, they receive a warm welcome message. This can include key information about their stay and personalized greetings based on their profile.


Welcome to [Hotel Name], [Guest’s Name]! 

We’re delighted to have you with us. Your room [Room Number] is ready for you. For any assistance, please feel free to reach out. 

Enjoy your stay!

[Hotel Manager]

Local Recommendations

Guests can receive suggestions for local attractions, dining options, or events. These recommendations can be tailored based on their interests or previous visits.


Hi [Guest’s Name], explore the best of our locale! We recommend checking out [Local Attraction] and dining at [Restaurant Name]. Visit [Event Name] for a memorable experience. Enjoy your adventure! 

Checkout Instructions

As their stay comes to an end, guests get automated checkout instructions. This can include the checkout time, the process for leaving the room, and options for late checkout.


Dear [Guest’s Name], your checkout is scheduled for [Time]. Please leave your key in the room or at the front desk. Interested in a late checkout? Let us know!

Room Service Prompts

Automated messages can suggest room service options, like breakfast menus or special dining deals, at relevant times.


Craving something delicious, [Guest’s Name]? Check out our room service menu for breakfast specials and exclusive dining offers. Order directly from your room phone!

Housekeeping Schedules

Guests can be informed about the housekeeping schedule, with options to request additional services or specify times for cleaning.


Good morning [Guest’s Name], our housekeeping will visit around [Time]. Need additional services or a different time? Just let us know and we’ll arrange it. 

Feedback Requests

After their stay, guests can receive messages requesting feedback, helping hotels improve their services and gather reviews. 


Thank you for staying with us, [Guest’s Name]. 

We’d love to hear about your experience. Please take a moment to provide your valuable feedback [Link/Method]. Your insights help us improve!

Thank you again, 

[Hotel Manager]

These templates can be customized to fit your hotel’s specific branding and communication style using the software’s automated messaging. You can also create automated messages for upselling solutions. 

Early check-in upsell prompt

Drive Revenue with Smart Upselling

Hotel guest experience management platforms like Enso Connect excel in driving revenue through personalized upselling. The platform identifies opportunities to offer additional services and experiences to guests. These could range from room upgrades to special dining experiences or car rentals with Turo. 

Examples of Upselling Ideas for Boutique Hotels

The secret to effective upselling is all about timing and personalization. Digital hotel guest software allows you to pitch the perfect upsell at the most opportune moment. This could be anything from a room upgrade, a special dinner package, or even a partnership deal with local attractions. 

Mid-Stay Room Upgrade: Offer guests staying for extended periods a room upgrade halfway through their stay. This can be automated based on the length of their booking.

Local Culinary Experience: Partner with local restaurants to offer exclusive dining experiences. Guests can book these directly through the digital guest platform.

Spa and Wellness Packages: Upsell spa or wellness packages to guests looking for relaxation, using their booking preferences and past behavior to gauge interest.

Adventure Tours and Local Experiences: Collaborate with local tour operators to offer adventure packages or cultural tours, upselling these experiences based on guest interests.

By targeting these offers to align with what the guest is likely to enjoy, you boost your revenue and the guest’s overall experience. Keep reading on how to further enhance revenue-driving opportunities. 

"We spend less time responding to guest messages or pushing upsells. The app provides quests the answers they’re looking for and the ancillary services we offer. We’ve found a reduction in time spent servicing guests and an increase in revenue from upsells on the Boarding Pass.”

Urban Stay Hospitality Pro and User of Guest Journey Solution Enso Connect

Automate and Customize Hotel Operations

Digital hotel guest tools like Enso Connect have custom automations and workflows designed around the “If this then that” process. These multi-lingual automations allow boutique hotels to create a series of actions that are triggered only if certain conditions are met. This feature is highly beneficial throughout the guest journey. Hotel operators can leverage data gathered from the guest’s stay to create a hands-off yet personalized experience.

Increase Revenue with Mid-stay Cleaning Upsells

Imagine a hotel guest who has booked a stay for more than 10 days. Using custom automation the guest software identifies this longer stay and triggers a specific action.


When: 3 days after the guest checks in.

If: The guest’s length of stay is greater than 10 days.

Then: The system automatically provides an offer for a mid-stay cleaning service.

This automated upsell adds convenience for the guest and presents an opportunity for the hotel to generate additional revenue. It’s a thoughtful touch that enhances the guest’s experience, especially for extended stays. Demonstrate the hotel’s commitment to comfort and cleanliness.

Watch how to identify and verify guests using Autohost

Streamline Hotel Guest Verification and Data Collection

Security and trust are the main focus of guest data management. Hotel guest experience systems offer guest screening verification by the data they collect. Receive anything from basic name and contact details to advanced photo ID verification. Platforms like Enso Connect have partnered with guest verification systems like Autohost and Superhog to thoroughly check guests’ backgrounds. Watch the above video to learn more about the complete digital guest experience. 

Balance Convenience with Security Using Custom Fees 

A feature of hotel guest technology is the ability to handle security deposits or damage waivers electronically before guest arrival. Rental agreements can also be sent electronically to guests for pre-arrival filling and signing. This adds another layer of security and record-keeping for the hotel management team. 

Customizable Security Deposits and Damage Waivers

Hotels can automate the collection of security deposits or non-refundable damage waivers before guests check-in. This process secures the hotel property against potential damages and streamlines the financial handling. 

Dynamic Pet Fees

For guests traveling with pets, hotels can set up a pet fee. This could be a flat fee or a per-night charge, depending on the hotel’s policy. Implementing pet fees accommodates pet owners and also helps the hotel cover additional cleaning or maintenance costs associated with pet stays.

Special Service Charges

Hotels can introduce charges for special services like early check-ins, late check-outs, parking, or high-speed Wi-Fi access. These charges can be automatically applied based on guest preferences or requests.

Seasonal or Event-Based Fees

During peak seasons or local events, hotels can implement additional fees to capitalize on higher demand. This strategy helps in maximizing revenue during busy periods while also managing guest expectations.

Customization Based on Guest History

Repeat guests or VIP clients can be offered special rates or waived fees as a part of loyalty programs. This customization can drive revenue while fostering guest loyalty. 

Boutique hotels can create a more personalized, efficient, and profitable operational model. Using a digital guest system meets the diverse needs of guests and adds value to the hotel’s offerings in a competitive market. 

Guest data collection during the verification stage

Full Guest Experience Management for Hotels 

Guest experience systems for hotels transform the entire guest journey in hotels, from booking to post-stay. All through the guest’s mobile device. 

Imagine a guest booking a room: they receive a personalized confirmation and a digital boarding pass. Before arrival, they complete a secure, hassle-free check-in process online. During their stay, guests enjoy tailored room settings and local activity suggestions. Checkout is a breeze with cashless payment options. 

Provide hotel guests with a seamless and memorable journey from start to finish using guest experience software like Enso Connect.

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How Enso Connect Can Help

Discover the future of hospitality and streamline and personalize hotel guest service. Enso Connect’s innovative guest journey software transforms boutique hotels. Welcome a new era of guest hospitality with contactless check-ins, automated messaging, and strategic upsells. 

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Experience the effectiveness of Enso Connect’s guest software solutions and boost your hotel profits!

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