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Currently, travel has been on a semi-hiatus for the past year, and those largely working in the travel industry have been greatly affected. Getting back to some form of normal for those of you in this industry must seem like a long-shot, but I’m here to say that it’s not as far off as you may think. Travel, although at a low, has not completely disappeared, and will only continue to grow as the pandemic dies down in the future. So the real question is, what can help your property management business to flourish when travel returns?

Sanitary precautions are the key to success

Leverage technology for travel

The one major thing on everyone’s mind is health and safety – this is crucial especially with regards to travel and short term stays. It may come across as us beating a dead horse when we say that health and safety should be your top priority, but we are really trying to hammer it home. This pandemic has only highlighted areas that aren’t currently being properly maintained in that respect, and figuring out how to fix those areas are your best bet of having a successful return to the rental space. Because health and safety has transitioned from being a procedure (clean this, clean that, etc.) in the past, to now being a mindset (if we automate this, if we stay away from that), it is in the forefront of everyone’s mind.

Automate different tasks with tech

When it comes to actually implementing your ideas, you should cross reference how that solution will affect every aspect of your rental: How will changing x affect my existing y. One thing that can be very helpful is thinking about leveraging technology in your rental. When it comes to health and safety you want there to be the least amount of physical things to touch, as well as the least interaction with another guest in order to minimize future spread. With property management software, you can leverage tools like automated and scheduled messages so you don’t have to physically answer or direct guests with their inquiries.  The use of smart home devices and PMS can ensure that guests can access their rentals without touching or sharing common place items like lights or door locks.

Being able to implement technology into your rental will not only protect you and your guests, but it will also create a selling feature for future guests. If you were a prospective guest, wouldn’t you prefer to see on a listing all of the safety features that are currently available and in place? Obviously there will be a split between guests that care about these features, those who don’t, and those who won’t rent at all. Being proactive and implementing these precautions will not only show that you are a proactive property manager but also one who thinks about the well being of your guests.

If you’re curious about how technology can further improve and maximize your rental potential, feel free to email us at for more information and tips that you can use for your rental.

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