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Case Study
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40% Return Guests & Communications Strategy Gone Viral

Building a Vacation Rental Brand with Emotional Experience and Local Ties


Guest Engagement
New Revenue Streams
Lack of Guest Data


Strengthen Guest Relationships
Increase Upsell Revenue
Enhance the Brand

The Problem

The focus on return business, required finding new ways to strengthen guest relations and increase engagement. Guest communication was mainly through email, often less convenient for guests desiring quicker or more direct interaction methods.

“People don’t check emails while on vacation.”

For bookings made through OTAs, like Airbnb, collecting guest emails and other information was not always available. This caused missed opportunities for personal contact and relationship building with guests.

Revenue generation was largely confined to direct bookings, with minimal exploration of other potential income avenues.

The Solution

The company implemented SMS for more immediate, personal interactions, enhancing engagement and comfort in reaching out. All messages are consolidated into a unified inbox, allowing to efficiently manage conversations with guests. The recurring messages and frequently asked questions are automated to save time for meaningful guest interactions.

The guest data collection capabilities enhance the operator’s CRM. This adds personalized touches like tailored welcome notes and helps remembering specific guest details, allowing to strengthened guest relationships.

They also added new revenue streams by partnering with local restaurants and spas. These upselling opportunities not only increased income but also enrich the guest experience.

These strategies, rooted in core values, have been key to creating a personal and welcoming guest experience, significantly boosting success.


ROI on Enso Connect with Upsell Revenue


Return Bookings


Publicity Opportunities with Unique Guest Communications

“When people are not working, they don’t love email, I get that! Once we got it [Enso Connect] launched, our guest engagement has gone up a lot. Because of the SMS option. I feel like we’re more closely connected to our guests now. “

Kerri Gibson
CEO & Co-Creator at Chalets Hygge

Building a Vacation Rental Brand with Emotional Experience and Local Ties

Chalets Hygge, nestled in Orford, Quebec, offers a Scandinavian-style retreat perfect for exploring the region. Founded by Kerri and Philippe, two former corporate executives, this charming haven comprises six chalets. Each chalet is thoughtfully equipped with all the comforts of home, reflecting the founders’ commitment to providing a cozy, memorable stay for their guests.

During a 2017 sabbatical, the founder discovered a passion for design and hospitality. This journey began with renovating and converting a ski chalet into a short-term rental. This newfound interest led to the acquisition and transformation of five additional properties. The COVID-19 pandemic provided an opportunity to refine the booking strategy. In 2020, the founder, along with partner Philippe, transitioned to making hospitality their full-time career, finding purpose in acts of service, quality time, and the hospitality industry.

They are passionate about helping guests rediscover their hygge. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the importance of creating a feeling of hygge is often overlooked. Whether guests find contentment and well-being in a bike ride, a picnic along the wine route, or gathering around a fire with family and friends, their chalets are designed to help guests find their own sense of hygge.

The Eastern Townships, Orford, Quebec, Canada


3 full time + 3 part time cleaning staff

Property Type
Scandinavian-style ski chalets

Lodgify, Enso Connect

Key Features
Boarding Pass, Digital Guidebooks, Upsells, Contactless Check-in, Contactless Checkout

Supercharge Your Guest Communication with Enso Connect

SuperHost Status on Airbnb – 4.99 Rating

70% of guests bring pets. One of the few pet friendly high-end chalets in the region.

After booking, guests receive personalized vacation plan suggestion sequence from Kerri.

Kerri’s engagement with local tourism boards has enhanced advocacy, networking and media opportunities for the business.

Kerri Gibson - Cofounder at Chalets Hygge Vacation Rentals
About the Founder

Kerri Gibson

Co-Founder, Chalets Hygge

Kerri is a CPA by education but as a technology lover, she spent 23 years in tech, specializing in building tax and accounting software for accounting firms. She began her career in a startup, eventually rising to an executive position in a multi-billion-dollar International Technology Company, where she led a major growth market.

Kerri was twice selected as one of the 40 most influential people in the US tax & accounting sector. She’s also served as a liaison with government agencies, chaired committees advising the IRS, and served as an advisor to the Obama administration on integrating the ACA into the tax system. In 2017, Kerri took a year-long sabbatical to recharge and discovered her passion for design, real estate, and hospitality.

Exploring Chalets Hygge’ Pillars of Success

Premium Guest Communications

Chalets Hygge’s communication strategy is centered around creating a personal and direct connection with their guests. Recognizing the limitations of email, they have implemented SMS as a key communication channel. This shift to text messaging allows for more immediate and intimate interactions, fostering a sense of closeness and accessibility. Guests can easily reach out for various needs, including inquiries and new bookings, enhancing their overall engagement and experience.

The process includes personalized touch points throughout the guest journey, such as tailored welcome notes and using specific details. For example names of their kids, pets or reasons for their stay. This level of personalization not only strengthens relationships but also reinforces the brand’s commitment to a warm and welcoming approach.

The operators effectively collect and use guest information, ensuring that each interaction is as personalized and relevant as possible. This aligns with their brand ethos of creating a homely and hospitable environment, making guests feel part of the Hygge story.

Upsells and Local Partnerships

Operators have strategically partnered with local businesses to boost revenue and enhance guest experience through a variety of add-on offers. These collaborations include arrangements with nearby restaurants to provide pre-cooked meals, for convenient dining options right at guests’ fingertips.

Additionally, they have teamed up with local spas, offering guests the luxury of booking spa services easily. Candles in the chalets, made by a local craftsman and available for purchase, add to the authentic experience

This approach not only generates additional income streams for Chalets Hygge but also adds significant value to the guests’ stay. It makes the vacation more enjoyable and hassle-free. By tapping into these local partnerships, Chalets Hygge has successfully created a more comprehensive and appealing hospitality package.

Collaborative Marketing Strategy

Chalets Hygge’s marketing strategy is deeply rooted in promoting a local, authentic experience, intertwined with the personal touch of its founders. Central to their approach is showcasing the chalets themselves, local activities, and businesses in the region. This strategy is executed through various channels, including their website, social media, and even paid advertisements. They emphasize the unique aspects of their chalets and the surrounding area, often highlighting local attractions and businesses.

By actively engaging with local tourism boards and leveraging social media, they have built strong partnerships with other businesses, often featuring them in their marketing materials.

This active involvement has significantly increased media exposure, positioning them as a key player in the region’s tourism sector. They capitalize on this exposure by working with influencers and hosting journalists in their chalets, further amplifying their reach. 

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