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With the ease of restrictions in some areas around the world it is becoming increasingly more important to figure out what can ease the minds of your future guests so that they will want to stay with you again. With the increased importance of maintaining distance and having contactless solutions, the way you operate your Short Term Rental has to shift towards that same ideology. Gone are the days of in-person check-ins and many other physical aspects of the rental industry. Property technology has seen massive growth throughout the pandemic, as hosts and guests are relying on these remote and contactless solutions to increase their comfort level for the virus. The real question is, what software is needed to increase guest comfort?

What you need for your STR

Contactless Check-in

For many guests, they would prefer to not meet with anyone or talk to anyone when trying to check-in to their stay. Services like August Locks can help with giving guests contactless check-in; with smart locks, guests are able to access the rental without anyone interfering with them.

Smart Home Devices

One of the lesser thought about solutions is the plethora of smart home devices that can minimize common touchpoints in a rental. Such products like Google Home and Amazon Alexa can automate certain tasks and answers that guests might have as well as connecting to other smart enabled products in the home. Connecting your devices and switching over to smart enabled devices ensures that guests can operate them by voice instead of physically touching them. Removing the touchpoints can ensure a lower transmission rate by contact.

Automated Service Cleanings

There are several property management softwares out there that can automate your room cleanings. Cleanliness is now of paramount importance for guest and host safety, and the ability to automate this task can save you time as well as give you and your guests peace of mind.

There are many other services that can help with comforting guests, but these are your top three solutions that can help right now. If you have any questions about how any of these services work, or have any solutions of your own, feel free to email us at

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